Democrats: Trump is Dangerous. Let’s Leave Him In Office Another Year

Democrats say impeaching Trump would be too divisive and entail too many political risks. But you know that next year they will argue that he represents an existential threat to all that is decent in the world and must be removed at all costs. How can they argue that it’s no big deal to leave him in office an extra year and then that he has to go right away?

17 thoughts on “Democrats: Trump is Dangerous. Let’s Leave Him In Office Another Year

  1. This might be apostasy, but …

    Is Trump REALLY that dangerous?
    Going all the way back to Reagan, it’s been one screwover after another. Whether it’s emptying the mental hospitals (triggering a staggering number of homeless people as well as the beginning of the destruction of the social safety network mindset) or Rockefeller Laws to jump-start the prison-industrial complex, a lot of bad things have been going on for a long time.
    And it’s both sides of the aisle. The aforementioned Reagan (who is, I hope, turning a lovely charred shade of black in hell), Poppy, Bill Clinton, Pres. Cheney, Barack “Keep Gitmo Open and Hunt Down Those Whistleblowers” Obama, they’re ALL terrible.
    All of them ass-raped the Middle Class. Not one of them defended unions or universal healthcare (transferring tax dollars into the pockets of for-profit corporations is not UHC). Every one of them gasped in shock and clutched his pearls when any radical tried to get the minimum wage raised to something like livable.
    So, really, how dangerous is Trump? I think he’s dangerous in some aspects but, averaged out across all the issues and across all the presidencies, I think he’s pretty middle-of-the-road. Reagan was incredibly dangerous. Clinton and his trade deals to help the top fraction of the 1% was superdangerous. Obama and his trick-the-idiots aw-shucks three-card-monte game of helping bail out the bankers? Just as bad.
    The most dangerous of all? Bernie Sanders. When he wins (and until the CIA punches his ticket at the behest of the ruling class it’s going to stay “when”), he’s going to be coming in to a House of Representatives and a Senate that will both be blue. The Progressives have finally woken up.
    My goodness, it will be a delight to see the 1% start to pay their fair share.

    • To Alex,

      Yes, His Hairness is THAT dangerous … BUT no more dangerous that any other of the GOP 2015-2016 presidential nomination seekers would have been in office.

      HRC’s domestic policy would have been superficially somewhat (and propagandistically WAY) better than HH’s but she would have gotten us into WWIII by now.

    • @Alex, We have had many politicos sell out the middle class, commit war crimes, etc, tiz true.

      But Trump’s even more dangerous, because his governing abilities are on the level of a rabid fruit bat. Nixon was an asshole, but he was also a genus politician. Trump doesn’t even understand how the government is supposed to work.

      Strained analogy: You can choose between one of two cabbies, one is angry, muttering under his breath and drives like a bat out of hell; the other really, really wants to drive like a bat out of hell, but he doesn’t know what all the knobs and buttons are for, sometimes he manages to make the cab move randomly, and he’s half-convinced he’s playing a video game anyway. (not a driving video game. Candy Crush, maybe)

      I find that much, much scarier.

      What will be his legacy? If it’s a blue wave, and that blue wave turns into a progressive wave, than that’s actually a good thing and we’ve already seen some of that.

      If he trashes the global economy or ecosystem, starts a shooting war with NK or Mexico then that’s not so good.

      • I like the analogy of the cab driver. And it ties back to other comments about Trump being able to drag others down to his level.

        I’ve had lots of hostile drivers cutting me off, screaming at me, etc. I don’t claim to be a saint, but I’ve never decided, “Yup. Today’s the day I’m gonna ram one of these unclefuckers right off the road and play a cantata on their teeth with a crowbar.”

        I accept that everyone has a breaking point. And that everyone can be pushed past it. But I can’t accept that Donald Trump, a tiresome, posturing and obvious boob, has some unique skill at pulling what is, basically, the entire power structure, down to his level.

        He couldn’t succeed at selling vodka and steaks in the United States. How hard is it to sell booze and beef to Americans? It’s like going broke selling toilet paper. I suppose it’s possible, but it’d be a hell of an instructive case study. Trump has had a remarkably impressive life in how terribly awkward all his accomplishments are. They’re all cheap, shoddy and sadly lacking in personal satisfaction.

        Fess Parker (that’s right, Dan’l Boone) took his money and bought a vineyard with it, and apparently made some pretty good wine. Good for you, Fess. Trump’s got MILLIONS of dollars, all sorts of contacts, and it’s always the equivalent of a Ford Pinto that runs on New Coke and thalidomide. Unless … all these people are truly just as crass and grotesque as Trump, himself.

        And we come back to my thinking that Trump is mostly like the rest of these politicians. They aren’t being manipulated by a supergenius. He’s just like them. I’m willing to blame Trump, but by ONLY blaming Trump, I’m not addressing the disease, I’m just coping with a symptom.

        But I’ll keep thinking about this. Part of why I keep coming back is that I like that most of the time there’s a lot of good meat on the carcass to pick and tear at.

      • > I don’t claim to be a saint, but I’ve never decided, “Yup. Today’s the day I’m gonna ram one of these unclefuckers right off the road and play a cantata on their teeth with a crowbar.”

        I’ve been riding a motorcycle for over forty years – I’ve decided that daily for the last 39 and seven-eighths of them. Haven’t done it … yet.

        y’know what a “Harley repair kit” is? 24″ pipe wrench, which also works as a turn signal.

  2. YES! Trump is dangerous! So why the hell have you spent the last three years defending him to the hilt?

    All this time you could have been attacking him, you instead devoted yourself to ridiculous conspiracy theories involving the loser.

    Better late than never …

      • Your babbling seems even more confused than usual today, Glenn. I have no idea WTF “lie” you’re talking about.

        That Ted spent three years defending Trump? It’s right here on this very site.

        Do you not believe Trump is dangerous? I do, so that’s not a lie.

      • That Ted spent three years defending Trump? It’s right here on this very site.

        Matt Taibbi’s takeaway from Trump’s rise was that he had an uncanny ability to pull everyone down to his level, i.e. all the way into the gutter. It began with his Republican rivals, and has now engulfed most of what’s left of your republic.

        While I know Ted’s treatments can be a little harsh sometimes, to lament, decry, or make fun of supposed liberals/progressives who have sunk to his level does not necessarily mean defending the symptom, nor the disease…

      • @A5 – so, if I remember correctly, your last theory was that every cyber-secuity agency in the country had been bribed, while every spy agency was in a conspiracy to restart the cold war, and of course, it was all a hoax made up by the DNC in the first place.

        Do you still espouse those theories? Or are you ready to concede that The Dastardly Russians really did try to install Trump?

        So far we’ve got at least two deniers who STILL think that it’s all a hoax … approaching territory hitherto known only to flat-earthers.

      • Hello andreas5,

        CrazyH is so emotional that he can’t think straight. He is such an angry sheep.

        Thanks for contributing your intelligent and moderating tone to the discussion.

      • @Glenn – still waiting for some sort of indication of just what you think this ‘lie’ was.

        I’m given to understand that flat-earthers believe in global warming. So that means that your ice wall is gonna melt real soon now, and all the oceans are going to drain off into space .. .you know, ‘cuz gravity. In space.

        You could always join us here on spherical earth. Just sayin.

      • every cyber-secuity agency in the country had been bribed, while every spy agency was in a conspiracy to restart the cold war

        Why would one need to bother with bribes? In my experience private IT sec firms love themselves free advertisement time on TV and always cry that the sky is falling with only their largely unnecessary products and services protecting against electronic witchcraft.

        Beginning with the missile gap, U.S. state intelligence services have correctly predicted 10000 out of 5 dangerous Russian programs.

        I do believe we have ample experience – and common sense – to understand that there is no bribe money or subterfuge necessary, any more than I need to make special invocations in order for the sun to come up in the morning.

        Clearly a lot of outside private and perhaps also state power centers have put down some of their chips into the free-for-all that is the multi-billion U.S. election extravaganza for power projection and profit, including, yes, Russian oligarchs and state agencies. In line with their relative power, at best/worst they can leverage their comparatively meager investments to some more returns by being ahead of the social media manipulation curve for the short time before everyone’s doing it.

        Bought and paid for politicians know which side their bread is buttered and who paid for the plate, table, room, and apartment block around it without the need of “collusion” or pee tapes.

        Why the selective outrage – just because it’s them dastardly Russians? Do you really believe a properly funded investigation into ties to Germany or the United Arab Emirates – or for that matter Deutsche Bank or Amazon, let alone the Robert Mercers and Koch brother types – would produce less material evidence?

      • > Why would one need to bother with bribes?

        Good question – which is why I asked it. So, are you now denying your own words? All the other deniers are doing so, you might as well go along with the crowd.


    would that it were so, Ted, but history demonstrates that there is nothing – or no one – too evil for the US. But of course, that history of evil is all the fault of those dastardly Russians – which must be why the stupid, foul-mouthed troll that infests this forum claims that «you spent the last three years defending him [i e, Mr Trump] to the hilt». Obviously, if one is not in full-blown McCarthy 2.0 mode, one is «defending» Mr Trump «to the hilt»….

    Where do trolls like this come from ?…


  4. Dems do not want to remove Trump from office, other than possibly via election defeat in 2020.

    There might be a few individual Dems who genuinely do, but I mean the Congressional leaders — Schumer, Pelosi and deputies and their staffs — the DNC, D-Trip, other assorted of behind-the-scenes bigwigs.

    They want Trump to run against in 2020. They are using the same strategy they did in the 2006 and 2008 elections, with different variables. Then it was Bush and the Iraq War. When they got a Congressional blue wave in 2006, they could have done something about funding or not funding the war to push changes in policy but they did bupkis. Rahm Emmanuel enunciated it as an explicit strategy, to keep the Iraq War going as an issue for 2008. This was also when Pelosi took impeachment of Bush 43 “off the table,” just like she’s done with Trump.

    It apparently worked, or something did. They got both houses of Congress and the Presidency. And did 8 years of nothing, which so enraged so many people that we got Trump. It might work again in 2020. If it does, we will get the same 4 or 8 years of nothing. Of course, the environmental damage may be cascading soon after that, or even before. That is, if we’re lucky and we don’t get WWIII.

    • ” They want Trump to run against in 2020. ”

      hmmm, :: stroking chin and gazing upward ::

      Yeah, could be. Bastards. It might even be the right strategy from a purely gaming standpoint.

      But I believe that Trump must not only go down, but go down in FLAMES. Leave a smoking crater so deep that people will avoid 1%ers and other fascists for decades to come.

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