Democrats on the Issue(s) in the 2020 Campaign

Democrats were poised to wage a substantial campaign based on the issues against Donald Trump next year. The likely front runner at this point, Elizabeth Warren, has a plan for everything. These are issues that most working Americans care about, like the minimum wage and healthcare. But now that they’ve decided to impeach Trump, the odds of those issues getting any serious play have all but evaporated.

3 thoughts on “Democrats on the Issue(s) in the 2020 Campaign

  1. Panem et circenses without the bread. That the US has a titular head of state who ran a reality show on television is Doubleday 8-track appropriate….

    Meanwhile, the world is being set up for a US war on China, in which the former’s European allies, not least my own country, will happily join in….

    Mondo cane….


  2. If the dems REALLY felt strongly about those issues, they’d keep talking about them, wouldn’t they? They’ve gone to not-Donald-Trump mode because it means they have to promise even less than ever, and it’ll be that much simpler to not come through on anything when elected. Warren or Biden won’t do squat about Medicare or Universal Health or whatever you want to call the system where you go to the hospital and don’t pay for it because keeping people alive (medical care) finally got put in front of killing people (the military budget). She’ll reveal her plan: “No. My daughter’s healthcare company comes first.” Biden’s plan? “What. I had a plan? Doobity-scoobity, bop bop bop? That’s not what the corporate owners tell me.”

  3. Cheering for one party over the other matters little to me when one party tries to emulate the other in policy while both try to eviscerate each other rhetorically.

    The electorate’s world burns while each party tries to climb to the top of the ash heap.

    If nothing good for the people comes out of the party conflict why care? Why cheer?

    I remember how the fans of a winning sports team would chant “We’re number one” until exhaustion and flames erupted.

    What an empty victory in that their lives have been changed as little in a party’s win as in a team’s championship.

    Voters get exactly what they deserve if they want so little as a win for their own “good guys”.

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