Democrats in the Year 2525

President Donald Trump hasn’t held political office in nearly two years yet Democrats and their media allies show no sign of a messaging campaign that is mostly directed against him rather than promoting their own agenda.

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  • The Dem messaging campaign may be against His ex-Hairness but their hatred of him has nothing to do with a myriad of genuine political pecadillos that would amply justify it. Instead, the motivation is his, venemously alleged, lack of sufficient anti-Russia(ans) obsession that impedes the modern bipartisan crusade to pillage Russia of its vast material and energy resources … in a last desperate US move to delay the demise of its crumbling empire.

    But now that life-long Dirty Harry wannabe is president, it is painfully clear that the Dems do have a “greater” agenda. Unfortunately, said agenda is to gratify the nihilist neo-cons by igniting nuclear holocaust, that will have the species defunct by 2025 much less 2525 … simply to”prove” that the US is still in “control” of the “world order” right up to the point of causing its total destruction, if “necessary”!
    The current situation from Scott Ritter who paid dearly for having had the unmitigated nerve to be correct, publicly, about lack of WMD in Iraq:

  • Six weeks to the midterms. The dems have nothing to show as an unqualified success. The evacuation of Afghanistan was a mess. The environmental bill was a shell of what was promised. Student loan forgiveness (crumbs from Papa Biden’s table) managed to alienate both sides. NATO interference in Ukraine (at the behest of the U.S., which was slavering for another quagmire) has turned into exactly the disaster that was warned against. The Republicans are shipping people to Martha’s Vineyard to prove what we already knew: rich people (white or otherwise) pretend to be liberal, right up until it’s an inconvenience to them. It’ll all come home to roost for the midterms. And 2024. Trump’s been a conman for a long, long time. So has Biden and a lot of the people who run the government. But Trump’s a little bit better at it, I fear.

  • That the criminal investigations into Donald Trump are continuing is newsworthy, but the candidates I have been following are instead focusing on Dobbs/Roe, the Inflation Reduction Act (i.e., the Green New Deal Lite), gun control, and similar *issues*. If instead your go-to new source is focused predominantly on Trump, you might consider switching to another.

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