Vote Democratic! Who Else Would Always Consistently Vote Republican?

Are Democrats stupid? Are Democrats corrupt? Are they both? It’s hard to tell sometimes. Most recently, Democrats gave away the leverage that they had against President Trump and the Republicans when they agreed to sign off on a two-year spending deal that favored the Republicans in exchange for a tepid promise by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to allow a clean up and down vote on whether or not undocumented people brought to the United States by their parents as children would be allowed to stay permanently. Now the president is saying that there will be no such deal. Democrats aren’t even bothering to complain anymore. So why should anyone vote Democratic?

6 thoughts on “Vote Democratic! Who Else Would Always Consistently Vote Republican?

  1. Apparently the Dems are channeling the Obumma “legacy” of political acumen, hardly at the heavily-advertised level of 13-D chess, rather more like his woefully & conclusively-proven level of beginner tic-tac-toe.

    I’d suggest that “a clean up (or) down vote” in the senate (or house) is relevant ONLY when a party has a majority of the seats NOT the minority as the Dems now have. BUT, of course, having 55+ seats (as DID the Dems recently) and STILL having to beg for a “clean up or down vote,” IS the problem.

    PS Two-word note added on proof: Neil Gorsuch

  2. If liberals didn’t have Democrats to lead them by example on how to submit to Republican neocons through neoliberalism, how would they ever figure it out by themselves?

    Democrats once mocked candidate Mitt Romney for his Russophobia until lead by Goldwater Girl Hillary to drink the Republican Kool-Aid.

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