Democrats, Always in Touch with the Concerns of the American Voter

Democratic and many Republican voters share the same priorities in their lives. They want to live in a safer world. They want a real healthcare system, a cleaner planet, jobs that pay well, less poverty all around. So why is the Democratic Party singularly focused on impeaching President Trump over his attempt to influence the president of Ukraine?

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  • First,
    Ted, am I going crazy? Was there an earlier version of this cartoon that mentioned “committed warming”? I only ask because I was really surprised that someone was finally talking about climate change realistically by pointing out that just like you cannot stop a battleship on a dime, you can’t just “stop” climate change.

    • You might be going crazy but this would not be evidence of that. I mistakenly posted Friday’s cartoon today. So the climate change cartoon will run then.

      • After posting the global warming cartoon on Friday, Ted, could you also repost the one above on the Ukraine, but with the discussion you had originally intended to accompany it ? Just so that I – and others like me, if there be any – can get my/their head/s screwed back on right, and stop thinking «the Ukraine» everytime the notion «global warming» comes up…. 😉


  • Good cartoon. Many think Obama and Clinton were two of our best presidents and Trump is the absolute worst (and the Trumpeters think the opposite). If you look at what they say, Obama always SAID great things: fight climate change (but he doubled fossil fuel production), treat Hispanics with respect and only deport convicted violent criminals (but he was really Deporter in Chief),etc., etc.
    Trump promised to do just as Obama did, but brag about it, and, by showing Hispanics the facts, that while he was anti-Hispanic, Hillary would be just as bad but lie about it, he got Hispanic voters to stay home in 2016, since it made absolutely no difference (except for the words) whether Secretary Clinton or Trump got elected.

    • Exactly. Plus, the high falutin corporate dems show that very well can bring out the big artillery – but only once one of their number is attacked by Trump. Turns out they could have shown some solidarity only chose not to. Too bad liberal big guns turn out to be boring hearings that achieve little.

      The other side is openly cruel for sport and devotion to a cruel god. Even better, the random-act-of-management-in-chief actually likes to periodically humiliate and fire one or another Aristocrat-American (but who then falls upward into a cushy job, like as not with the “#resistance”). What a show!

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