President Joe Biden is almost certainly too old and mentally infirm to run for reelection in 2024. Besides that, his approval rating is low. Vice President Kamala Harris is the obvious alternative except for the fact that her approval rating is even worse. Corporate Democrats keep flailing, trying to find one of their own who is acceptable. Meanwhile, they repeatedly blocked the most popular politician in America.

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  • alex_the_tired
    November 29, 2021 7:34 AM

    “Corporate Democrats keep flailing, trying to find one of their own who is acceptable.”
    Are they? If you reconsider it from the perspective of the boss who knows the company is about to go bankrupt, it all makes sense. All that’s missing is the paper trail: not paying bills, maxing out lines of credit, selling off equipment, etc.
    I think the Corporate dems practically fainted when they were able to slip Biden in and get away with it because they knew, six months at the controls and he’d drive right off the lip of the canyon. And seeing how the Republicans are about to redraw the maps (an excellent example of playing the long game and winning) to shaft the dems, with the repeal of abortion probably not far off either, wouldn’t you want a patsy to carry the can?

  • Bernie’s being encased in amber like an ant. So will this be AOC’s fate. The pitch pine tree that is the Democratic Party will ensure all nauseant ants are immobilized and put on display for “show.”

  • The DNC wants candidates who will SAY the right thing: ‘I will raise taxes on the rich and cut taxes on ordinary Americans, and climate change is a major threat and I will do all I can to stop it, and I will guarantee affordable health care for all Americans,’ and DO the right thing, cutting taxes on the 0.1% and increasing taxes on ordinary Americans while heavily subsidising the fossil fuel industry and doing everything possible to increase production and sales of fossil fuels and force people to pay for insurance that, after deductibles and co-pay, provides little or no support for healthcare for the average Americans but guarantees huge profits for the insurance companies.
    Sanders talks like he’ll do all the wrong things, and can never be allowed into power, the DNC wonders why they even let him get his Senate seat (he could never be nominated as the Democrat candidate, but he somehow managed to win anyway).

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