Democratic Progressivism Is a Dead Letter

Progressives did as they were asked and supported Joe Biden in big numbers. But they are completely out in the cold in the new administration. Their ideas are not represented. Nor are any of them in the new administration. So it’s highly unlikely that the new administration will enact any truly progressive policies.

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  • alex_the_tired
    January 22, 2021 6:28 AM

    Um Biden’s got no progressives. I take your point, and it’s a good one. But how many progressives did Clinton and Obama have? What progressive policies did either enact? Heaven knows, I’m not one to criticize, but, much as I did with Charlie Brown continuing to fall for Lucy van Pelt’s gimmick, I have to ask, “At what point do we start blaming the Blockheads, I mean the Progressives, for always letting themselves get played?” If I go to a party and someone hands me a drink and I wake up briefly an hour and a half later as a string of frat bros are taking turns using me, I’m a victim. If I keep going back to the frat kegger every Friday after that, I’m a willing participant.

  • The progressives were told, ‘If only you had voted for St Hillary, you would have been spared Trump, the very worst, by far, president the US of A has ever had; the worst, by far, head of state anyone has ever had; if that German fellow who won the election in ’33 had been running, it would have been far better to vote for him than for Trump, and St Hillary was the very best candidate for president the US of A has ever had. So don’t make that mistake ever again. Vote for St Joe or you’ll have four more years of Trump!!!’
    And they listened.
    If they had not listened, the DNC would have reiterated what it’s been saying for the last 4 years, and put up someone in the exact same mould as Ss Clintonx2, Obama, and Joe, and given the exact same argument, saying whatever Republican got to follow Trump, he would be just as bad if not worse, so every Progressive MUST vote for the DNC choice, or else.
    If there is an answer, I cannot see it: the DNC ain’t never gonna put up no one who ain’t identical to Ss Clinton, Obama and Joe.

  • The function of the Democratic Party is to keep seats filled with the inert, and preempt progressives so that the 70% majority won’t sour their relationship with the oligarchic 1% funders.

    Time to go to sleep progressives.

    Don’t forget to wake up in 2 years so you can vote in the other party of the Right.

    Night night.

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