Democracy or Hypocrisy

At first, it seems like a good idea for President Biden to speak up in favor of democracy. But then you think about his own behavior. He is in a proxy war in favor of a country, that jails opponents and cancels elections. His party sues to keep rival political parties off the ballot. He refuses to debate challengers. He insists on running, even though most members of his own party don’t want him to. Democracy begins at home, Joe.

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  • “He is in a proxy war in favor of a country, that jails opponents and cancels elections.”
    Worse than that now, he is fully backing a country that is running an apartheid structure wherein the prisoners of one vast concentration camp are in the middle of a revolt against the apartheid regime. Even though the leader of the apartheid regime is a crook with multiple cases against him, and the country’s finance minister is an out-and-out Nazi.

  • alex_the_tired
    October 10, 2023 7:02 AM

    I don’t believe in karma; I’ve seen too many people get away with a lot of awful things on the personal and larger stage. Look at Kissinger. But here we have good ol’ smilin’ Joe Biden, everyman’s friend. Who shut down Anita Hill (giving us Clarence Thomas) and who made sure Gen X paid its student loans by doing his owner-masters a favor and excluding student loans, only, from the bankruptcy code. And he finally got his reward for having his nose so far up all those backsides. He got picked as president after a whole gang of dnc pal-candidates kneecapped Bernie Sanders. (Sanders, of course, finally caved in and backed good ol’ smilin’ Joe Biden, too).

    Here you go, Joe. Here’s your presidency: a drug addict son, an unforced and botched evacuation, a war in Gaza, a war in Ukraine, the House has gone fishin’ and your party was too stupid to realize this was a chance to appear forceful and resolution and, instead, chose to help encourage the fringe-maniacs of the Republican Party. Your veep is practically non-existent. Your “legacy” legislation was neutered by a rogue in your own party, and you just got your major competitor (the one with one of the biggest legacy names in your party) declaring that he’s running a third-party campaign. Meanwhile, every conviction your side is getting on Donald Trump is merely encouraging his voters to band together more tightly behind him.

    I really hope good ol’ smilin’ Joe Biden is still compos mentis when the election results come along in 13 months. I wonder if he’ll be smilin’ then.

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