Dem vs. GOP Budget Smackdown!

Economic catastrophe looms as the two parties lock in an epic ideological clash.

12 thoughts on “Dem vs. GOP Budget Smackdown!

  1. You forgot the square where they go out in public and pretend to be fighting each other furiously, and then make a deal on the “last day”

  2. To Ted’s credit, in the title square they have knives drawn. Everyone knows what will happen….they’ll raise the debt ceiling with no strings attached, but they’ll find a way for the Republicans to let it happen without losing face. It’s remarkable how they all go after Social Security, when we all know that Social Security does not contribute to the debt or deficit at all, it’s self sustaining.

  3. In the event that the weapon Mr Obama is holding is indeed intended to represent a Khopesh, I suggest that rather than «Muslim card», Ted is here playing the «New Dynasty card» as the weapon seems to have gone out of use after the fall of the latter, more than a thousand years before Islam became a glint in Mohammed’s eye. But then again, the battle between Messrs Obama and Boehner does seem entirely symbolic and the khopesh was used to symbolise the royal sword well into Ptolemaic if not Muslim times – perhaps Mr Obama fancies himself a descendent of Alexander the Great ?…


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