Crazy with Grief for RBG

Democrats say the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes it more important than ever to vote for Joe Biden. But Biden probably won’t get to replace Ginsburg as Supreme Court justice.

8 thoughts on “Crazy with Grief for RBG

  1. It would be a massive surprise if the senate Dems had the smarts and nerve to block all senate business, specifically the nomination of RBG’s replacement, until the next con-gressional term. Of course, for that effort to have had any meaning, the Dems will have to subsequently get Joe (neo Jim Crow) Biden elected AND take back control of the senate.

    The MOST hilarious issue to emerge from the repercussion of RBG’s death is the Dems “plan” to meekly acquiesce to her replacement in THIS congressional term BUT then 1) Have the new Jim Crow be elected 2) take control of the senate and THEN 3) pack the SCOTUS to thus produce a “Dem” majority thereon.

    Note the established legal ideology of Obumma’s (blocked) SCOTUS pick (Garland? Merrick?) was belatedly revealed to be essentially the same as that of his eventual substitute, the reviled Kavanaugh. So why should the EXTREMELY unlikely occurrence of a SCOTUS packed by the Dems be expected to result in the addition of, at least, 4 new justices all devoted to the general populace as opposed to the 0.001% ???

    (Chris Floyd has noted that both Kavanaugh and current nominee Barrett, along with Chief Justice Roberts, were the ringleaders of the legal maneuvering in Florida that got Bush II appointed president in 2000. That crime having been made possible, not by Russian meddling nor Ralph Nader but by Gore’s inability to carry his home state.)

    Have I mentioned the Dem’s affliction with magical thinking?

    • The Democrats are in a hard place.

      They need to look like they care about the electorate without making their Oligarchic funders think they’re serious about the interests of the electorate.

      Maybe the least worst option for the Democrats, as they see it, is to just play dead.

      Joe “Cadaver” for president.

      • They can’t play dead…but the results will be the same or worse

        1: Propose and pass bills that will never be signed into law, hey a photo opportunity.

        2: Pass bills that won’t be paid for by the rich,

        3: Pass rules that are token expense for the big guys (they can raise prices in a year or two) can sink mom and pop shops in months…hey more customers forced to use name brands

  2. God seems to be selling arms to both sides – first he takes Ms Ginsburg with enough time to spare for Trump to nominate, and the Republican-controlled Senate to confirm. a third US Supreme Court justice. Then, just when push is coming to shove, he sees to it that Donald John Trump gets Covid-19. Perhaps, as some claim, he/she/it really is from the US….


    PS : Not being an expert on metempsychosis, I take the liberty of posing the following question to my learned colleagues here : Can one be reborn as a virus ?…


      • After passing through intermediate stages, the Bushes, père et fils, Clinton, and Obama ? While we’re on the such arcane matters, let me recomment to Ted’s readership Aktagawa Rynōusuke’s (芥川 龍之介) 蜘蛛の糸 – an English translation,The spider’s thread can be found here….


      • Hi Henri:

        The viral origin and lineage so proposed certainly would explain the vicious brutality it exhibits against humanity.

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