Coronavirus-Era Pickup Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has created a culture of shortage and new desires for a new generation.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus-Era Pickup Lines

  1. I’m going to try the one in the last frame, Ted, even if (because) it sounds more like a confirmation of a long-standing relationship than a pickup line – thanks !… 😉


  2. It’s the natural iteration of things, innit?
    Back then, we’d use condoms against AIDS.
    Now, we’ll need complete body suits for extended periods of brushing up against each other while we shout sweet nothings to be heard through the filters. I SAID. WHAT I’D REALLY LIKE TO DO IS JUST THROW YOU TO THE BED AND … THE BED!!! THROW YOU TO THE … NO! NOT SEW YOU TO THE BED. WHAT’S EXCITING ABOUT THAT! Oh never mind. Let’s play postal chess.

    And speaking of AIDS. Has anyone been watching all those PReP ads? “Hi. I’m a multipartner sexwhore. I have sex with lots of people. But I take PReP, so there’s nothing to worry about. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? What? A superstrain of gonorrhea or syphilis? Hey, don’t you dare try to shame me with your anti-sex-positive sex negativism.”

    Perhaps we’ll have that to worry about in another five years.

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