Consensus, Finally Achieved

Obama babbles his way to irrelevance.

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  • in the era of accelerated American fascism, Mr Obumma experiences the predictable result of his pathological “bipartisanship.”

  • piranhaintheguppytank
    October 12, 2011 7:07 PM

    A question:

    In the top left hand corner, is that a fire or did someone just catapult a squid into that building?

    (My last visit was to Pharyngula so it’s possible my perceptions are tainted.)

  • All Presidents are the same, probably from the beginning of time, they have the same goal of keeping the status quo that is their job, even Lincoln really just ended slavery because he though allowing black people to move to Africa or take over the south was better, than letting the south become its own country, he wasn’t a big fan of blacks, just less of a fan of southern whites.

  • Obama will definitely win. Yes, I am going to use the familiar argument– There is no one on the Republican side who can beat him. I have said that I won’t vote for President Obama again, however, if I learned shortly before the election that it was close, that we could wind up with a Perry or Bachman, I would run to the polls and vote for Obama… If it were Romney, I’m not so sure. In fact, I think the left may do better with Romney because they will not hesitate to protest, as they do with Obama. I don’t make the same argument with respect to Perry and Bachman because their insanity would be a form of shock and awe to the left… Having said this, if the Occupy Wall St movement had started earlier, it might have come up with a candidate who could have won, and of course I would have voted for that candidate. Nader would have been good, but the propaganda from the Democrats destroyed him.

  • John From Censornati
    October 13, 2011 8:07 AM

    Dems got suckered by Obama. GOP will get suckered by Romney.

    Obomney 2012!

  • Obama will win because both sides love him, seriously Americans love nothing more than someone to criticize and despise. He’s the Paris Hilton President, despite the fact that nobody likes him, he is still popular and in demand. Nobody likes Paris Hilton but she gets paid millions to show up to parties… Nobody likes Obama, but they still want him to be President.

  • The powers that be are still happy with the job Obomber is doing of cementing their imperialist, corporatist agenda. That’s why the field of Republican challengers is filled with lunatics, reactionaries, and dumbasses, and, the one guy who isn’t totally batshit crazy (Ron Paul) is being marginalized like a Nader or Kucinich. Just as pairing dingbat Palin with doddering McCain insured an Obomber victory, the power players are making sure Obomber’s oppostion looks so WTF that the general electorate will settle for what appears to be the lesser of two evils. As for the Occupy Wall Street movement, it is in danger of being co-opted by the Democrats and their plantation field hands. Big Labor has been sniffing around along with n’er do well politicians like Charles Rangel, liberaltainers like Michael Moore, and party operatives such as Move On. Also, the crowd contains a few too many Obamabots and Demobots who continue to temper their criticism of the administration and its party. Until 100% of the crowd and its supporters renounce the devils on both sides of the political aisle – along with the two party system in general – the Occupy movement may become just the flip side of the Tea Party.

  • It hardly took much an image-morphing tool to transmogrify George Walker Bush into Barack Hussein Obama and little more will be required to mutate the latter into Willard Mitt Romney – the interests they serve are more or less identical. The Occupy Wall Street movement is, indeed, a breath of fresh air, but I find it hard to believe that it will prevail over the general political halitosis so characteristic of the United States. But A+ for trying !…


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