Coming 2014

The U.S. announced victory in the war against Afghanistan at the end of 2001. Since then, the deadline has repeatedly been pushed back. Now Obama is moving back the end date from 2011 to 2014.

2 thoughts on “Coming 2014

  1. I wonder where that money that was conned out of us is going.
    You could have pretended to be a “liason” when you were there and could have walked away with millions.
    This shit is way past being funny now.

  2. Oh Tyler, I think this shit is still well within the bounds of ‘funny.’ Victory? Victory was achieved the moment the military industrial complex achieved a normalized permanent state of war. The United States has been in a permanent state of war, complete with a war economy, since 1941. Demilitarization isn’t an option. We are stuck. This is the underlying reason we can’t have a sane environmental policy, a sane energy policy, or any sane public policy at all . . ever.

    I think it’s extremely funny. Maybe in 1000 years a great playwright will compose epics about the tragic fall of the great city on the hill.

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