Climate Change Is Pass Fail

Although Joe Biden’s website hat-tips the Green New Deal, he is opposed to it. Instead, he wants to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The problem is, scientists project the end of human civilization by 2050. So it’s a moot point. The environment is pass-fail. Incrementalism is doomed.

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  • Good cartoon, but the reality is even a little worse than that. To save ourselves from climate apocalypse, we’ll need to do MORE than stop carbon emissions quickly. We also need to halt the feedback loops that have already been set in motion. For instance,

    warming melts the polar ice, which means less sunlight reflected into outer space, which means more warming.

    We might still avert extinction if we throw everything we’ve got at this problem — the discovery we need might be just around the corner — but Biden’s plan certainly is inadequate. The plutocrats can’t think about anything but the short-term profits keeping them in power. We’re going to need to overthrow them, and soon.

  • Here’s what James Hansen, the ex-NASA climate scientist who first sounded the alarm about man-made climate change said about the Paris accord in the Guardian when it was first revealed in December 2015.

    “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bull—- for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises.

    Then again, the Paris accord was never intended to lower emissions, just to get more money out of our pockets by spendthrift governments to blow on whatever they see fit.

  • It’s time for palliative care.

    Too many people and too little nature to go back to.

    Too many willing to sell hokum ” green energy” solutions based on carbon sourced energy for mining, smelting, production, distribution, and great gobs of concrete to keep our feet and tires out of the great melting’s monstrous muddy mucking.

    Our science-entropy-connection blindness is killing us. The order of Nature is falling to the new order (which creates a new disorder) of mankind.

    The precious natural cycles have been broken and are missing the part of the circle where our waste products close the gap by returning (and turning back into) to fossil fuels again.

    The greatest predictor of death is birth. That goes for both individuals and species.

    No reason to kill yourself. There’s no hurry. We were all going to die anyway.

  • “No reason to kill yourself. There’s no hurry. We were all going to die anyway.”
    Yeah, sure. But if there is only one way to be dead, there are many ways to die. So guess what’s more important to someone alive?

    There is no hope for any solution to stop, or even slow down the terrible ordeal most people will have to go through. Just because the a..h…s in charge of fixing the problem are the same ones who created it.

    Vote Trump! It’s your only chance to sicken people so much that they could end up revolting. Regardless, you can certainly trust the buffoon to shorten the agony. Indeed, contrary to Rall’s opinion, I think the joker will be actively creating even more mess during his second term than he already did in his first one.

    WWE or Alzheimer? Ain’t Amerika a great country or what?

    USA numero uno!

  • Well, Ted, a 300 000-year run is not bad for a belligerent ape species which developed too big a brain like ours. Easy come, esay go – but I fear the species that remain and those that come will hardly reret our loss….


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