Choose Your Cognitive Dissonance

My maniac right or wrong! That’s the insane posture of voters loyal to the two major party candidates, both of whom are obviously not up to mental snuff.

7 thoughts on “Choose Your Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Yes; absolutely; Democrats are horrible – the only thing worse than Democrats is Republicans. By a significant margin.

    And the only impact this continued flogging has, is depressing the vote, and putting Trump in office for four more years, functionally cementing a Trump dynasty.

    • But dynasties are a tradition in American politics. The Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons. Trump? I don’t see a Trump dynasty.
      People hate Trump. I get it. But look at what 3.5 years of Trump has gotten us. Have you ever seen the population this riled up? We’re one more g——-d thing away from pitchforks and torches.

      Frankly, if, um, Biden is so unimpressive that voters can be depressed against him versus Trump simply by having the facts presented to them, then maybe Biden doesn’t deserve to win.

      Just like the 99% doesn’t deserve healthcare, free college, a livable wage, or a decent retirement.

      Say. Did you see Jeff Bezos’ latest thing? It literally just burns up money. Because he’s so rich, he can literally burn money all day long and still not pay any taxes. Have fun getting a few hours sleep in your hovels, folks, before you have to race off to those crummy jobs that could be gone tomorrow.

      And don’t forget to vote Biden (because he will). Biden: the candidate who pretends to care slightly better than any of the other two candidates running for president. Biden. He’ll fight hard to keep you from getting any of the things he has.

  2. I spend time on a reply. I press “Post Comment” and the comment goes into the ether. Is it being moderated? Does it still exist? Will it ever be found? Is there a glitch in the system that needs to be repaired?

    ed. (at least this complaint got through, its not the 1st time, will return later when time is available)

  3. I note, Ted, you subtle man you, that while the lady in the right panel is deluding herself, the chap in the left panel is not. What are you trying to tell us ?…


    • Mind. Blown. That is one heck of a close read.
      It does introduce in my mind a question.
      If you have ever dealt with someone who is a drug addict, an alcoholic, an anorexic, or subject to severe depression (I have), you develop the diagnostic capacity to see it in others. The instrument may be different, but the song remains the same, and you “hear” it.
      Many people have been caregivers to victims of dementia. So I’m wondering, has any major source written an article that basically asks five or 10 people with experience to look at Joe, Um, Biden and give us their considered opinions?
      In the same vein, has anyone written up a report on whether Joe Biden has taken a cognitive assessment recently?
      (Also, a correction to an earlier post. Should read “Biden: the candidate who pretends to care slightly better than the other candidate running for president.”)

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