Chelsea the Meritocrat

Young people whine about unemployment. So why is Chelsea Clinton rolling in cash?

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  1. Americans like presidential “royalty”, they don’t like to admit it.
    What was Chelsea doing in her last job?
    I remember when she was a kid she wanted to be a doctor. I guess after the Stanford experience, she changed her mind?

  2. Interestingly, this shows a great example of how the OWSers are doomed to fail.

    CC gets a sweet gig on NBC. Where’s OWS’s response to this? Can’t all these thousands of people in the park write some letters to NBC’s sponsors? It would take all of five minutes to write a one-paragraph letter and mail it out (yes, physical mail; there are reasons that e-mail is useless as a method of sponsor protest).

    For all that time wasted in the park “processing” and “finger wiggling” think of how much hell the protesters could have dumped onto the heads of all the politicians. Write letters, follow up with phone calls, show up at the politician’s office. “I’m a voter. I want to speak to someone about Issue X. I sent a letter, and I phoned yesterday. I think this issue is very important, so I want to speak to a staffer.”

    These staffs invariably are young people with a lot of low-level scutwork. Wear. Them. Down. To. A. Nub.

    If the politician’s office has 10 chairs in it, send 10 people. Make sure someone new is always coming in as someone old is leaving. Tie up each staffer’s time. If they say they have to close for lunch, tell them you can’t afford lunch, will they feed you until they can make time in their lunch-filled day to see you?

    Bring legitimate complaints. Start telling your personal story. Be honest. You feel the system’s let you down. Ask what the senator (or the governor or the mayor or whoever) is going to do about it. If he can’t do anything about it, why shouldn’t you vote for someone else? Write down what the staffer says. Explain, “I hope you don’t mind if I take notes. After this, I’m going to be interviewed about how the mayor’s office handled my concerns as a voter. Of course, if you don’t want me to take notes, that’s okay. I can remember THAT for the interview with no trouble.”

  3. Nice move from NBC but I hope NBC’s mother corporation, GE, will also help Chelsea to avoid paying taxes. Chelsea is really a national treasure, as most of presidential daughters are no longer among us. Gems like Letty Tyler Semple don’t live forever.

  4. Alex I think what you suggest , is exactly what they need to do , so perfectly stated it should be printed out into a thousand copies and handed out , or forwarded to the ows website , progress needs to be made , while the movement still has legs. As my wife and I watch the live feeds on the internet , I can’t help but think they’re wasting a lot of time and energy , very soon they’ll be yesterdays news , cold, tired and hungry, yep, it’s time to ramp it up a notch or two, or I fear as you do, they’re doomed to failure

  5. One has to take into consideration, Ted, that Ms Clinton’s position is that of «Special Correspondent» for NBC. A physicist has to be good at physics, a mathematician good at maths, a carpenter at carpentry, but what does a «Special Correspondent» have to be good at ? Having a father who was previously president of the USA is presumably as good a qualification as any, and perhaps better than a talent for throwing Molotov cocktails….


  6. @mhenriday

    ‘A physicist has to be good at physics, a mathematician good at maths, a carpenter at carpentry,’

    That was so early 20th century. A physicist has to be good at selling his ideas (e.g., that he has seen particles moving faster than light); a mathematician must be good at selling (this formula will make you a fortune if you invest following it); a carpenter must be good at selling, and, having sold the remodelling, it doesn’t have to work.


    I am old enough to remember that Truman’s daughter was a very successful, sought after entertainer while her father was in office, but after he left office, she was no longer in demand. This is so 1st half 20th century. Now, former executives still have enough influence and charisma that people will pay to see their daughters, and the MSM will hire anyone that people will pay to see.

  7. Yeah Ted Rall does seem to have a soft spot for the criminal enterprise known as the Kennedy Family. Hell, he gets so upset about murder, Ted actually did cause the death of a woman with his careless behavior!

  8. I agree with you Ted our leaders have killed many people with their careless behavior. I just think it is easy to be selective with people who have a political view similar to your view, which is why you have conservatives that just see Bush as dumb as opposed to evil, and democrats (not liberals) fixate on conservatives picking on his uncanny ability to get blowjobs, as opposed to bad decisions that led to the deaths of many. In your case it is easy to overlook Ted’s faults because his political view, at least his public persona was similar to yours in many ways. Ted like most men was a mixed bag of good and bad, but come on admit it, in a system as flawed as this, the fact that Ted made it on the national level tells us that he was by default a compromised individual who made deals with bad people.

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