Liberal Projection

In all the ways that matter to liberals, Barack Obama is the second coming of George W. Bush. But in the same way that Republicans project their values of small government and low taxes on a party that doesn’t adhere to them, liberal Democrats project values of being antiwar and pro-civil liberties that they don’t make the slightest pretense of following.

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  1. Obama made a speech this morning in which he said he wants to put suspected terrorists into "preventive detention" and hold them without trial because of course they're so dangerous even though can't be prosecuted for anything.

    I wasn't one of those liberals who projected their own beliefs onto Obama, but I'm still surprised and disappointed by some of the things he's doing.

    Maybe Obama will improve, but I doubt it. The really sad thing is that in 2012 we'll have the choice between him and someone far worse.

  2. The problem is again one of labeling.

    Because "Democrat" as you define it also defines Libertarian and, for many, conservative/traditionalist as well.

    We should rename the parties Statist and Individualist or Irresponsiblist and Responsiblist. Slave and Free would be too obvious.

    Vote Obama/Cheney 2012! Support the Slave Party!

  3. So, Obama's a Red Lectroid from the 8th dimension?? As long as he keeps John Whorfin and John Bigboote working on that Truncheon Bomber over at Yo-Yo Dine, "So what? Big Deal…"

  4. I absolutely agree with "devil" on this one. You've sidestepped anything that would get you called racist by knee-jerk Obamatons and went straight to monster. Please don't draw Bill Cosby anymore.

  5. Ted, I'm a big fan, but my problem is that the need to put the label "Obama", with an arrow, is pretty much the nadir of cartooning as far as I know. My other artist friends stopped doing that sometime around 6th grade. If you continue to use this image, you'll have to keep on doing so in order not to confuse newbies. By contrast, dressing George Bush as a 3rd-world dictator was immediately accessible to newbies.

    You ought to go at least the next step up in dirt-cheap cartooning, and simply put a round campaign badge on his lapel which says "Obama"…

    Incidentally, to the other commenters, if Ted ever actually drew Bill Cosby and put them side by side, I think it'd be reasonably easy to distinguish the two drawings. Even without the Hello Kitty. Just sayin'.

  6. Just to be slightly more constructive, I think a good 50% of your audience would have identified the creature as Obama even without the label (although that 50% probably wouldn't have included the Obamaniacs whom you're trying to mock). The facial proportions etc. of the creature are strikingly similar to the image of Obama that the person's thinking.

    I think it would also be pretty clear without the label if you simply dressed the creature in the exact same business suit that the woman is envisioning. Give him a distinctive tie and there should be no question at all.

    Or you could go the "They Live" route, for example, and have half the creature's face be Obama and half monster. Or the other guy at the other table sees a monster while the rapturous liberal sees only The Prez.

  7. Yep, you got it right. No matter who gets "elected", it's the same old shit. We live in a plutocracy, you schmucks!

    We had our chance at violent revolution in the late 60s. (The only way we'll ever get any "real change".) We let our corporate masters assassinate their way out of a tight fix.

    We're fucked.

  8. jhs wrote:
    "The really sad thing is that in 2012 we'll have the choice between him and someone far worse"

    You can vote for a third party candidate or for an independent.
    Voting again for a Democrat or a Republican will be as good
    as useless. Electing Obama proved that point once and for all.

  9. "Voting again for a Democrat or a Republican will be as good
    as useless. Electing Obama proved that point once and for all."

    This is why we'll never have universal healthcare in the United States.

  10. We can list dozens of ways he's not the 2nd coming of W, though. As an environmentalist and a scientifically-trained journalist, I assure you that equation is completely insane. I guess we don't count as liberals, probably because we CAN COUNT.

    What part of us living in a winner-take-all, first-past-the-post, non-proportional electoral system is not clear here? And one that has to work its way through a 100% corporate and conservative media that's the main way the people even learn WHO'S running for office, let alone anything else about them?

    If the Founders didn't want presidents like Obama when they made the Constitution, they shouldn't have created a junk electoral system then "hoped real hard" that parties wouldn't form because, as they said at the time, they would inevitably become a duopoly.

  11. To Flay,

    As you know life sometimes are full
    of nasty surprises. You might find
    some day that your life might depends on
    the availability of universal healthcare.
    Oh, this cann't happen to me. NO, it might!!

    To Marion Delgado,

    If you are scientifically-trained journalist, couldn't you have put your point across more clearer and
    organized than that. I found difficulty in understanding what is
    really you want to say.

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