How America Was Saved

Americans aren’t cut out for austerity. And there, ladies and gentlemen, lies our greatest hope for economic recovery.

11 thoughts on “How America Was Saved

  1. Went out to support the economy today. Bought some toilet paper and a six pack of canadian beer. In Michigan, we support the local and global economies.

  2. So that's it? That's our last best hope? Get a few more credit cards and max them out too. Get some more of our money flowing into the pockets of the guys who caused this, so they'll feel flush again and we can go back to "normal" (ie. quietly watching them rule our lives)

    The really sad thing is that nobody has apparently learned anything from this mess. We are waiting for them to fix it for us and keeping our mouths shut. The more in-yer-face the welfare for the wealthy becomes, the more deafening the silence grows.

  3. Good one, Ted. But a lot of us have been living austere lives for a while now. There's been absolutely no change in the last six months. I'm fed up with the media making it sound like all Americans were living lives of wild abandon until October 2008. In fact, buying a magazine or getting pizza for dinner is a major decision for many people, and has been for a long time.

  4. Ah, nothing unites so-called left and so-called right like bogus economic theories about spending and growth.

    Meanwhile, the supposedly socialist Swedes are telling Saab to drop dead. On the other side of the pond though, the bipartisan consensus agrees that GM must be "saved" at all costs.

  5. Let me explain something to you Incitatus: Both the US and Sweden are socialist.

    In the US, there's corporate socialism.

    Sweden is more or less democratic socialist.

  6. incitatus,

    Sweden famously lets its companies drop dead. They have amazing unemployment benefits, and only the best business models survive. Of course, ceos will be ceos, and Ikea has ditched the country that spawned them.

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