New Dross, Same as the Old Dross

Nothing changes; everyone roots for the home team.

10 thoughts on “New Dross, Same as the Old Dross

  1. Right, you notice that the right wing argument always wins. The leftist is always the bad guy…no matter what. Our society has been skillfully trained over the course of two generations to reject liberalism.

    Yeah, all Ted's women have 3 boobs, I think Ted has a Total Recall fetish.

  2. Sorry to interrupt, but apparently Dick Cheney ran an independent executive branch assasination squad, where special forces soldiers would go into countries and kill people on a personal hit list authorised by Dick Cheney. These special forces soldiers would qualify as the epitome of US military material, the height of both brains and brawns.

    The story is covered by Scott Horton of Harper's and Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World. it is referenced tangentially by the New York Times.

    If any body else here would like to comment on Sy Hersh's investigation. Ted? A new possible charge sheet agaisnt the Bush junta?

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