Nation of Criminals

Republicans argue that the Gitmo detainees cannot be safely transferred to the U.S. Why not?

8 thoughts on “Nation of Criminals

  1. For the same reason we can't give them Habeas Corpus, because clearly if they have any legal rights they're going to walk, regardless of how heinous their crimes. After all, the US justice system never convicts anyone of any crime. Hell, we're as bad as Sweden! Why else is 3% of the US population incarcerated!?

    It's a stupid argument, the latest in a long string of stupid arguments made by disingenuous pigs, Ted. But they'll keep making them, because they're allowed to. They don't have to make a coherent argument, they just have to appear to say something so that there is a pretense of national debate. In reality, there is no national debate.

  2. Thru the magic of your newly-shiny Archive system, I can point out that this comic is a worthy sequel to your White-Collar Criminal comic of 1996.

    The common question is, are our prisons safe, or are the inmates running the asylum outside?

  3. Amen, Ted!

    To hear the Republicans and other Gitmo supporters speak, you'd think those prisoners are super-villains who can smash their way out of any American Supermax Prison like it were tissue paper. Give me a break!

  4. These prisoners were not even clever enough to be able to hide in Afghanistan.

    How much of a threat can they be to escape from even Mayberry's jail cell?

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