The World is Watching

Barack Obama says he mourns every life that is lost, but there’s an exception for his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

6 thoughts on “The World is Watching

  1. No, because neocon shills in the media won't force him to give a shit about Iraqi and Afghan "militants", or those in Pakistan, for that matter.

  2. This is how far along our government is to leaving Afghanistan: H.R. 2404

    "Not later than December 31, 2009, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress a report outlining the United States exit strategy for United States military forces in Afghanistan participating in Operation Enduring Freedom."

    2404 has been sitting in the House Armed Services Committee's In-Box longer than the time between Bush demanding Osama be handed over and his invading Afghanistan.

    Who needs approval? Obama can end the occupation on his own.

    But Obama has said we need to stay in Afghanistan because it's better to fight them over there than here (really, words to that effect, like a coherent Bush).

    So, no later than December 31, 2009, there will be a paper report for FoxNews to scoff at…and the senseless occupation continues.

  3. Anon @ 4:00 PM

    Nobody has said there aren't bad actors in the middle east, the subject of the toon is innocent civilian deaths, try to keep up.

  4. Mr. Ted Rall
    Rall INC.

    Dear Sir:

    In order to be an effective political cartoonist or political satirist or political comedian, the Truth must be stretched, at least a little bit.

    Ergo, this cartoon is NOT funny.


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