Incrementalism Throughout History

Ah, the glory that awaits Obama!

12 thoughts on “Incrementalism Throughout History

  1. Oh that is freaking brilliant.

    Of course I am thinking that Obama keeps what happened to the first two figures foremost in his mind.

  2. That was so an so. I'm wating for Ted to do a cartoon tribute of war criminal Robert McNamara just like he did one of mostly harmless drunkard Boris Yeltsin.

  3. As Aaron McGruder illustrated in that dark winter of 2000 (fin de siecle), the TV hype said, (paraphrasing) pretty much, "Hey, he's pretty good. And isn't pretty good good enough?"

    Now: S.O.S.

  4. You give King Barry too much credit. Saying he is an incrementalist implies that he wants to do good and will do a little bit of good.

    He is incrementally moving in the wrong direction. He takes the worst unofficial practices of his predecessors and legalizes them. He admitted that we torture detainees but says we acted in "good faith". His healthcare plan will save all of the bureaucracy and greed of the old system. Otherwise, the big players would have to cut costs in a down market. He may yet make Afghanistan the 51st state. Don't even get me started on TARP.

    Remember the good old days when politicians actually tried to hide the bad stuff they did? I miss ole' Tricky Dick.

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