The Adventures of Obamaman

America’s radical problems require radical solutions. Obama’s centrism yields half-assed sops instead.

11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Obamaman

  1. And this cartoon offers solutions/advice on how to best pressure the administration into progressive solutions how, exactly?

    Once again, you give the man no credit for what he's done, no ideas on what he should do, and no suggestions on how we the people can help.

    Lame, Rall. Very lame.

  2. Hokey and somewhat predictable. Not as good as if you'd made a cartoon about the evil villain Dick Cheney….I mean, Rall, he has his own underground lair!! LITERALLY!

    That being said, this is a funny and effective venue for the coming years, I think it's a good one to stick with. Heck, it's the type of thing you could continue as a magazine comic after he leaves office.

    I would write more, but I'm on my way to a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day celebration.

  3. The economic stimulus plan is $825 billion, which one-third will be tax cuts.

    What the hell?

    It's like we've got another unprepared goof in there who is winging it with solutions based on the failed economic models of the neo-cons. Obama and his party has had 8 years to hone a solution that would wow the American people in what everyone knew would be a post-Bush disaster. Anyone feel wowed?

    You would expect from a 1st class leader of a 1st class nation to identify the real problems, identify the goal, and methods to reach that goal.

    Obama's proposal is too much like him peeling off a few bills from a big wad of cash and saying, "Here honey, go buy yourself sumptin' from Walmart."

  4. Ted Rall, I want to bear your children.

    And I'm fifty-four.

    Jana C.H.
    Seattle, Soviet of Washington
    Old USSR Joke: There’s no Pravda in Izvestia and no Izvestia in Pravda.

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