Re-Invade Afghanistan!

Iraq may be winding down. But Afghanistan is just rebeginning!

Thank God we can afford more military misadventures.

10 thoughts on “Re-Invade Afghanistan!

  1. Good one Ted! A word from Pedants' Corner – the carbon footprint of an Afghan villager is something on the order of 1 hundreth the footprint of an American.

    That's the darkly amusing thing about the (usually Western) people who want to reduce population growth, it actually means that rich Westerners need to stop swarming all over the planet…

  2. Hey, if the hos are getting stoned, I want in on that too. I could use a little stoning myself, it's a good thing Michigan just approved medical marijuana.

  3. Take it from a neighbour boys – if you sign up for Afghanistan you can stone till your eyes drop out – the magic leaf being legal in Afghan-Land since…the Dawn of Civilization.

    In relation to Afghanistan; I use the word civilization loosely.

    Very Loosely.


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