Only a Matter of Time

Even as the economy drags the United States into oblivion, many Americans keep up appearances of normalcy.

11 thoughts on “Only a Matter of Time

  1. LA hipsters are on the run! Echo Park is going back to the mutant gangs that ran it in the 80s. Hipsters are being dragged into alleyways, beat the shit out of, and mugged. All this while desperate businesses put up new LCD 14' by 48' billboards all over town thinking that sales are gone because they just are not trying hard enough.

    right now people are finishing off their savings, and credit cards. When those run out, then what?:
    Better traffic, and, thanks to comparative advantage, I go up in economic status!

  2. Speaking of normalcy, Michelle Obama quickly cracks under the intense scrutiny of the pathetic excuse for journalism, the American Media. Michelle leaves Barack, Mamma, the girls and the freaking dog for her own living space, signs up for American Idol, Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars and enough talk shows to put Rod Blagojevich to shame, then makes a Weird Al-type video parody of "I'm Too Sexy for my D.C."
    The 'buff shoulders' BULLSHIT just drove the wagon over the freaking CLIFF. It's over. We don't EVEN need George 'Ah'm yore WalFart Greeter, Heh Heh' Bush for our doom. Granted, George Fuckface Bush helped, but without Pencil Dick's help, we are one SICK country in major denial about the issue of our Country's immortality. We have SEEN the enemy and we have defined it! Oh, by the way, if anyone really wants to know how George 'War Criminal' Bush is getting on, put his name into every bad, violent, sick headline and News of the Weird story. It fits so easily.

  3. so and so said:

    "And you are right that redistribution has never wrecked America. Whether it was bad, of course, is highly arguable."

    Saying something is arguable when it is not, is very dishonest because you don't actually have to explore anything.

    Kennedy took the marginal tax rate from 91% down to 75%. Reagan took it down to 28%.

    Minimum wage was not always a joke. In the 60s, my dad had an apartment he would just host parties in. He lived with his parents still, and was in school. Students got real financial aid, and schools were more affordable.

    It is plain to see that the US is not nearly as good a place to live as it used to be.

  4. CNN is too busy covering: "How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms". First lady Michelle Obama has a fashion following, with blogs tracking her daily garment choices.

  5. Aaron,

    I make a point to not eat any scum sucking bottom feeders raw, with the exception of oysters and that's cultural. So, no catfish sushi.

    In other news, ironically I got a sales pitch from Countrywide to refinance my mortgage and get a home equity line of credit….yeah I won't be doing that.

  6. a scathing attack from anonymous at
    3/2/09 11:58 PM
    "Maybe you should tall (sic.)Countrywide you want the DEMOCRAT Chris Dodd Countrywide deal."

    wow, I better start voting for republicans instead of democrats!

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