History is a Liberal Judge

Getting a pair of shoes tossed at him may end up being the only punishment Bush gets. Pathetic.

8 thoughts on “History is a Liberal Judge

  1. There are consequences for poor decision making and not taking a choice seriously enough to get the right answer. Why should George W. Bush be punished for anything? He did nothing illegal under US law. Anything questionable was handled with secret legislation that legalized events and actions post de facto.

    The same for Dick Cheney, the same for the executives who were pilfering millions as AIG asked for government help. None of these things were/are ILLEGAL, Ted!

    George W. Bush is, therefore, not the problem. Those responsible for allowing him to continue to rule are. We all are.

    Just accept it, they won. They will always win because they present a unified front while we bicker amongst each other. They're winning as I type this.

    I know you have a job to do here, and you wouldn't want to lose that, but I hope in your free time you have embraced the despotic fatalism.

  2. I was seriously disappointed with Dave Horsey's take on the shoe-tossing in the Seattle P-I (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/horsey/), but yours more than makes up for it. Throwing shoes at a war criminal while shouting about widows and orphans is not terrorism.

    Bring back hard-hitting journalism!

    Jana C.H.
    Saith Theognis: If you should overthrow, by any means, a tyrant who devours the people, no vengeance from the gods will fall on you.

  3. Aggie Dude:
    A few remarks regarding the broken laws:
    First off, ex post facto laws are unconstitutional (Article 1, Section 9) and hence de facto illegal. (Unfortunately, with the increase in executive power in the public's perception, almost nobody's been willing to take him on…)
    Second, Bush has violated numerous treaties signed by the United States, which are considered to be Federal Law (Article 3, Section 2), hence punishable by impeachment- at a minimum. (Alas, most of the Democrats, and the (few) honest Republicans don't have the guts or votes to impeach him. (Plus Pelosi took it off the table…)
    Third, you can find numerous laws which can be used to charge Bush, his administration and, dare I say it, his predecessors (Clinton knew Iraq had no WMD either…), and their aiders and abettors in Congress (Biden and Kerry knew about those WMD as well…for starters…). Among those laws are prohibitions against torture, laws governing military conduct, laws against making false statements before congress, or laws against defrauding the government.

    Finally, as I have never voted for George W. Bush, or any of his aiders and abettors (Including Kerry and Obama). I can safely say I am not to blame. Are you?

  4. First off, ex post facto laws are unconstitutional

    If you are not punished, then you did not commit a crime.

    It is not ex post facto, but rather, de facto that we should concern ourselves with.

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