Now This

Will we ever see a moment like this again? It’s the second that changed everything.

7 thoughts on “Now This

  1. Love ya, Ted.

    But Obama's so cool it just looks scripted. Kinda like Muhammed Ali, Tiger Woods. Must be something in the water.

    Agree w/you on other stuff tho…

  2. At work, we all thought it was cool when he said that the cops were stupid. Cops are stupid. They do stupid shit all of the time.

    Is it stupid to point out that fact?

  3. Cops are the mercenary protectors of the ruling class including our politicians such as Obama. If it wasn't for these hired guns the robber barons would have to pay for protection out of their own pockets.

    So, when Obama makes a gaff like this he damn well better walk it back just like he did. After all, it's conceivable that his Secret Service protectors might have more empathy for cops than they do for politicians.

  4. HemlockMan – We all occasionally say/do stupid things. What make the cops stupider?

    What do they do to make you call them 'stupid'? Please detail cops' stupid actions in a 500 word, typewritten, single spaced memo and have that on my desk in the morning.

    Otherwise, you're the 'stupid'.

  5. Obama said "stupidly," and this is how I interpreted it:

    Dummy, you harassed up the wrong guy. Don't you know that you can't abuse the rich and expect to get away with it? I know that you see everyone else as fair game, but you were stupid not to defer to a man with wealth, power and connections…

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