Reforming the Torture Industry

This is a riff on Obama’s decision to push out the chairman of GM. Obviously he’s fine with the way his torture operation is going, which is why it’s being expanded and moved from Gitmo to Bagram.

6 thoughts on “Reforming the Torture Industry

  1. Ha! Obama could also ask for concessions from the detainees.
    I mean if they would would just hurry up and GIVE UP on living then we wouldn't have anyone TO torture. Since Obama has Muslim heritage he could offer them like 35 virgins if they just gave up on living. That way America doesn't have blood on our hands and they still get their Virgins. Since Republicans keep calling Obama "The Messiah" he should be able to come through.

  2. Someone commented on how weird Ted's cartoon boobs are, but his necks are even wackier. The female talking head on the second pane looks like she has stubble on her chin.
    And why is the representative from Zimbabwe white? Just so we could have a bazillion anons chime in with their pithy comments?

  3. Actually, the Zimbabwe-white-torturer question is a good one, and it even has an answer.

    There are two kinds of White Rhodesians. "Rhodos", who pine for the Good Old Days, and "Zimbos" who wholeheartedly go along with the current bunch of thugs.

    (And then of course there are "intelligent" and "fleet-footed" ones, who have simply left the country.)

  4. What the flip is a Rhodo? Do you mean a Rhodie? And Zimbos do not go whole heartedly along with the current bunch of thugs, but have tried to change it for the better against incredible odds. But hey, they're white so they must be racist hey? (by the way Zimbos can also be black)

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