American Heroes

I hope the second panel is understandable. I’m trying to say that the workers voted to take pay cuts, but the boss will screw them. It’s probably confusing.

And they say drawing comics is easy. Liars!

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  • Ted,

    Typo! Rather "than"!

    Otherwise, yes it makes pretty good sense. And sometimes I feel like I'm the only conservative and you're the only liberal who fit into panel #3.


  • Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey. Best record store in the NYC area. Rock on Mofo!!!

  • I think panel 2 would've been clearer if you had put the boss in the background and the workers in the foreground. I'd have had to read it over several times if you hadn't explained it in the blog.

  • You make an excellent point about protesting Obama when he does Bushist things.

  • On the first one, this is actually a good thing… At last we just might be able to break up the media monopolies.

    For too long people with the "Muse" have been told "Don't even try" that of all the people trying to get into 'showbiz' they have a 95%+ chance of failure even in 'good' times. This is because of the 'mass-media' spreading it's monopoly so a very few acts get put all over while most are actually kept from the media.

    Lots of independent acts have been kept out of the limelight by the companies. They pay to burn their own records, to find that the music store has a "Contract" not to stock anything not in their catalog and the radio has a "Contract" not to play anything not in the "Paylist".

    Due to this recession, we could break the media monopolies. There is not that much left the government can spend, and this current administration isn't as propaganda mad as the last one. Ever hear the Indian story "Which wolf do you feed?" Starve the media wolf by consuming as little of it as possible, Feed the "Free Bard" wolf by directly supporting content creators who aren't covetous.

    The long and short is to support artists, musicians, actors, media makers directly. Donate to their web sites, buy from their websites or approved providers. And, only if they are "Sharing" friendly, not "Copyright Covetous". It's brutal, but if you toss $1 into the hat of a street musician he gets far more money than if you buy a top pop hit's CD at $18.99 for the 'bonus' tracks of them on the potty. Likewise, if you tip a Beatnick in a coffehouse $1, you pay him much more by comparison than a live performer gets after you pay TicketMolester $100+scalpers fees to see their concert and get frisked by Hitler Jr. for a camera or outside food or drink!

    I speak anonymously as an "Independent" musician. I don't make my living off of it, I won't promo my stuff here or hint who I am.

  • Hey, I'm pretty sure you can download and buy your songs and albums from the iTunes Music Store and still have musicians earning royalties.

  • Oh, and your RSS feed is showing entries from October 2007 as the most recent posts to your blog. Might want to look into that.

    And you might want to fix the link to your RSS feed to
    Right now it's , and that leads to an error message.

  • Otherwise its which one of these ain't like the other

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