Keep Your Filthy Stimulus Money

Republican governors who turn down federal stimulus money amaze me. Adhering to principle is good except when the principle is stupid.

11 thoughts on “Keep Your Filthy Stimulus Money

  1. Most of them will accept all or most the funding, but pretend they didn't so they can take credit either way if the stimulus works or fails.

  2. Acceptance of some of the stimulus money requires that the states continue to fund those programs after the stimulus funds dry up.

    "You get this huge slug of money. It funds programs for a couple of years, and then what?" says South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who heads the Republican Governors Association. "You get it started, you get a constituency established, and then we're supposed to yank the rug out from under people when the federal money runs out?"

  3. I think Republicans should stick by their so-called principles indefinitely. Our society as a whole needs to live through the consequences of their wonderful principles to the full extent, ensuring that we all understand the consequences of doing so.

  4. Gov. Phil Bredesen (D-TN) and Gov. John Lynch (D-NH) are planning to refuse some of the stimulus money, as they do not want to end up with federal mandates for which there is no money down the line.

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