Can’t Out-Republican the Republicans

Obama prepares to tack even further to the right…even more than before. Not that it worked before the midterm elections.

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  • Here’s suggestion for balancing future budgets: a law requiring all wars to be funded in advance by a special tax that is separate from the income tax.

  • Kanji, that’s actually an excellent suggestion to turn a lot of people against the current wars: put your money where your neocon mouth is.

  • lesjeuxsontfait
    November 13, 2010 12:05 PM

    Great! And the special tax should be levied only on the benefactors of war – the usual gang of suspects.

  • Jeux (shouldn’t it be dé?),

    If you mean Xe, Haliburton and the like, I’m with ya, but the nationalist fools who patronize Faux News should be made to “support the military” literary and explicitly. That might change their tune a bit.

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