Can’t Close that Camp

What if Nazi Germany had won World War II? Things might look quite as different as you might think. This time: the Leader wants to close a concentration camp, but blames Congress for not being able to do so.

12 thoughts on “Can’t Close that Camp

  1. My favorite in a long time.

    “Thank you for your service.” That’s just such a hard hit.

    This one takes a lot of background knowledge, but I suppose most of yours do. And as appropriate as the Nazi analogy is, there are always Jon Stewart types you’ll lose who think all Nazi comparisons are hyperbole.

  2. Do I detect a certain Van Susterenian flavor to this. Regardless – the cartoon perfectly captures the sycophantic style of so many on-air, branded newsies, who pander to the ruling class and facilitate their endless propaganda.

    • During the Vietnam War there was all this wonderful protest music on the radio. Some stations’ management refused to allow it of course, but there were many which did.

      Most of the rockin’ roll DJs were vocally against the war, sometimes playing the banned music when they hoped the manager wasn’t listening.

      I haven’t heard the same strident tones during the War On Terra. The music is still being written & performed – it’s just not being broadcast. The “rockin” DJs were always “supporting the troops” if not supporting the war outright. Today, they don’t even mention it. Wha’ hoppen?

      Damn that liberal media anyway.

  3. Jesus, Ted, is Mr Obama going to close the US Congress now ?!! Given the popularity of that institution, were a plebiscite to be held on the matter, he might very well get a go ahead….


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