First They Came for the Chairs

The media went crazy over false reports that Bernie Sanders supporters threw some chairs at a Democratic convention in Nevada. They deplored the burning of Make America Great Again hats at a Trump rally. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton personally destroyed several Middle East nations…yet the media doesn’t have anything to say about that.

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  1. Nor much word of HR Clinton’s acceptance of her husband’s maintenance of the (post 1991 Iraq “Desert Storm” ) “economic sanctions” of Bush I. That really started her career as international mass murderer. (Perhaps 2 million dead, half children half women.)

    No mention of her endorsement by a central figure of the neo-con cabal.
    Clinton fingerprints, as Sec St, are all over the fascist coup in the Ukraine that has re-started the cold war and put another generation face-to-face with imminent nuclear holocaust.

    But no worry, coverage of at least the first few volleys of international ballistic missile will get GREAT media ratings!

    • Yes, all those horrors and more are true.

      Plus a promotion for Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland will be in order for her outstanding work in installing a Nazi regime in Ukraine.

      But Clinton has a vagina and the other guy has a penis.

      That must count for something, right?

      Democratic Party doctrine says that all good things come from reactionary people with black skin and vaginas. It must be true or so many liberals wouldn’t act as though they believe it.

      Running an Uncle Tom, and an Auntie Thomasina; what a perverse way to oppose gender inequality and racism.

  2. And now the corporate media announces the winner before the votes have been counted, before the voting has even started.

    The corporate media came close to announcing the winner months ago, before the New Hampshire primaries, based on projections. Who, after all, needs elections when your have projections, but some unwelcome guest candidate preferred by the voters?

    The corporate media have learned well from the Supreme Court, who stopped the count to prevent damage to their preferred candidate.

    Some might want to fix the electoral system but it’s already “fixed.” Even Trump can see that.

    • Hillary is a loser. Even with all the advantages of a popular husband, countless powerful contacts, maximal name recognition, and a mighty war chest, the only reason she is ahead of Bernie is cheating.

      • Unfortunately, cheating is how you win; no such thing as a fair fight.

      • A reprise:

        So, for all the Republican Party Trump insurgents that hate the Democratic Party, and Hillary, just as much or more, here’s your big chance to dump the disgusting big money, job outsourcing pig Hillary out on her ass.

        Because Trump is the winner, he doesn’t need your votes anymore and you can safely give them to Sanders.

        The victorious Trump insurgents need to vote for Sanders in the remaining primaries to shake up the Democratic Party oligarchs in a way they will never forget. The same way they have shaken up the Republican Party.

        If a large number of Republicans are defecting to Hillary, then now is the historic opportunity to dump the oligarchic puppets of both parties, and prevent a Hillary win by anti-Trump Republican votes.
        There is still time for the insurgent voters to knock Hillary out of the box with a vote for Bernie Sanders.
        An election between Trump and Sanders would shake up the Duopoly like nothing else ever could. Imagine if the Duopoly actually had to pay attention to the voice of the people instead of the voice of big money talking.

      • As I understand it, the Dem establishment would just award the nomination to Hillary anyway. Or maybe to Biden or anyone else really. If Bernie did somehow get it, he would probably be killed. I can’t see any possibility of TPTB allowing a contest without even one of their shills.

    • Yeah, I saw that – the mediots have crowned Hillary based on Puerto Rico of all places, even though she doesn’t actually have enough of the popular vote. (and of course, the stupor delegates haven’t voted yet)

      Remember when Fox did the same for Bush?

      Go Democracy!

      Speaking of which – I ran across this lately.

      • Fox told the Supremely Corrupt Court who the winner was to be.

        As Hamilton said, purge the Constitution of its corruption and it would be a “frail and worthless fabric.”

        Gods, money, and governments are powerful only when belief in them is strong enough to back these conceptual objects with violence, whether of individual or state origin.

        Unfortunately or otherwise, many Americans are conditioned to be believers, and are easily convinced by corporate opinion makers.

        So, demogogcracy.

  3. I’d say if you assault, rob, and destroy the property of those peacefully attending political rallies, you’re no longer protesters–you’ve become the Sturmabteilung.

    I’m tired of Lefties telling me they’re the peaceful ones and Righties are the violent ones. Trump gets many times the death threats that Bernie/Hillary get combined. That nut the climbed onto the stage to attack Trump got a CNN interview as a “protester.” When the Hillary/Soros goons started violence in Chicago, the media blamed Trump for it. And so far as I am aware, the “anti-Trump protesters” have incited violence at every Trump event since–usually with the police largely standing idly by. These thugs have burned the American flag (I’m aware none of you care), blocked and climbed on people’s cars, and in gangs, hit and chased people down. And of course screamed in people’s faces calling them every name they can think of and stealing their signs. Anything to try to start a fight.

    I should thank them though. The more they do it, the more they alienate moderates, who are slowly realizing it’s not the Trump people who are the violent, hateful nuts.

    And yeah, if you haven’t bothered to keep up on things, I have links.

    • Cui bono? Who benefits?

      Those “protests” could be provocations or false flag attacks, if you will, pulled off by none other than the Trump campaign. That is a tactic that Nixon and his Campaign to Reelect the President used back in ’72 along with other spying, disruption, smearing and sabotage dirty tricks that they called “ratfucking.” That was the bigger story that came out of Watergate; the break in at the DNC headquarters was mild by comparison.

      Of course, it’s also possible that politically inept, dumbass ultra-left anarchist punks are responsible for these disruptions.

      • Oh, I always ask myself that question. And there are far more false flag ops than almost anyone imagines. Hell most people I know aren’t aware of the existence of the term.

        I don’t see how it could be in this case though. It’s straight out of the Alinsky playbook: incite violence and then claim victimhood. Some of these “protesters” are confirmed Hillary/Soros operatives. These powerful Dem types believe they are omnipotent. Like Hitler, they can’t imagine their schemes could backfire. I don’t think they’ve begun to notice their efforts are counterproductive. They’re trying anything they can think of because nothing is working.

        And the most violent ones, judging by the tapes of the California “protests” are simply white-hating Mexicans.

    • > I’m tired of Lefties telling me they’re the peaceful ones and Righties are the violent ones.

      ‘cuz the NRA, the neocons, the war hawks, the gun nuts, the KKK, the racists, the people who cheer the militarization of the police force, the people who beat gays to death, and the people who donated to the George Zimmerman defense fund are all lefties…

      • That’s what’s so perverse about America’s one-party system of representation, and its fake (neo-)conservative/liberal propaganda duopoly. Most NRA members are not neocon predisposed, or war-hawk interventionists, or people who cheer police militarization, or want to beat gays to death.

        Mostly, they’re just people who would prefer to have a gun handy when some well-heeled crook decides to kick their door down at 3 in the morning. Cops almost never stop crime, they just write reports about the crimes they discover/participate in.


      • So being pro-gun rights makes one violent? I recall you defending gun rights.

        I wasn’t aware that simply having racists beliefs made one violent. But in any case, BLM, La Raza, and affirmative action proponents are definitely in your camp. As are the people who think blacks can’t get by without welfare.

        As are the war hawks, Hillary, Obama, Soros, et. al. And I remember a whole damn lot of ordinary Dems delighted with their war president for assassinating Osama.

        So that leaves you with a pretty unimpressive list to say the least.

        The Right will win this struggle. The only question is if it will be the authoritarians or anti-authoritarians. For all our sakes you should hope it’s the latter.

      • Oh and how could I forget the people such as yourself who disregard or excuse the explosion of rapes and riots in Europe by the Muslim migrants.

      • Honestly you welcome in men who think “infidel” women are sex objects and you have the gall to think of yourself as a friend to women.

      • Jack,

        In addition to false flags, beware of propaganda and psychological warfare. The CIA is quite proficient at this game. They know how to get you all worked up. I mean, the “they’re coming for our white women!” shtick is getting pretty old. Don’t you find it a bit convenient that all these alleged rapes are just now coming to light? Do you really think that police officers, even in Europe, are anything but conservative for the most part and that they would cover up abuses like this?

        It’s nonsense. I don’t believe a word of it. Anyway, even if you believe the official story, in the recent England case, nobody seemed to give a shit until they “discovered” that little white girls were also being attacked.

        This cartoon pretty much sums up the refugee situation:

      • Backassward and poor reading comprehension as usual, Jack – No, not all “pro-gun rights” people are violent. But that’s not what I said, is it? Gun *nuts* (which I *did* say) are most definitely violence prone. The rest of the list are all right wing proponents of violence as well – perhaps you missed that? Add them all up together, and the conclusion is obvious.

        But let’s look at Hair Furor mit dem kleinen schwanzstucker. He has repeatedly talked about the virtues of punching and otherwise abusing protesters. At one rally he encouraged his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters. He offered to pay the legal fees of his supporters who attacked protesters. He expressed his personal desire to punch protesters. He’s a obviously radical peacenik, right?

        I’ll be happy to correct your misconceptions about Muslims at some later date when it is more relevant to the topic at hand.

      • For anyone whose been paying attention, this is not suddenly coming to light. It is only now that it’s gotten so bad that the Leftwing pols and mainstream media are forced to acknowledge it. Rape’s been on the rise for years in Sweden which takes the most Muslims per capita. Social media broke the mob sexual assault story in Cologne on New Year’s Eve and again the mainstream media was forced to report on it. The media and Leftwing pols have also denied the existence of the “no-go zones” for months and recently had to acknowledge those as well.

        The police take direction from the pols. And they are influenced by the political climate. And they can only do so much. In Cologne they said there were too many rioters for them to handle. In Rotherham, the police actually said they didn’t do anything because they were so afraid of being called racist. We’re at the point where being called racist is worse than rape. In Germany, being racist has been criminalized.

        The female! mayor of Cologne told women to avoid refugees if they didn’t want to be assaulted. I think it was also in Germany parents complained that their children were being verbally harassed and the pols told them to stay away from refugee centers then.

        Feminists have largely been silent as they usually are on the world of Islam, opting to continue focusing on non-issues for which they can blame white men.

        Here’s how it really has worked: the elite ravaged the Islamic world creating the refugee crisis purposefully. Then they have an excuse to bring in the hordes which predictably causes massive problems. Now the EUSSR is arguing it needs more powers to fix the very crisis it manufactured. The Leftists now have more voters for Statism as well as having fomented incredible division and even the beginnings of race war.

      • How’s that reading comprehension course working out for you, Jack?

        I repeat, “I’ll be happy to correct your misconceptions about Muslims at some later date when it is more relevant to the topic at hand.”

      • Jack,

        1) Social media carries no weight.
        2) There is no truly left-wing party in power in the EU.
        3) The mainstream media in Europe, as in the US, are owned by private investors – in other words, capitalists.
        4) The US Empire, along with its EU lackey, have attacked countries like Libya and Syria because their economies are/were socialistic in large part and they refused to allow Western investors (capitalists) to pillage their countries.
        5) The refugee crisis is a direct result of these imperial wars of aggression; the gravity of the situation may or may not have been anticipated, but even this crisis can be turned into an opportunity as part of the ongoing divide and conquer (or divide and rule) strategy.
        6) The EU capitalist elites already have a powerful mega-state structure. On the face of things it seems that they are now struggling to keep it together against an upsurge of right-wing populism (the faction that you are for, I guess) that could supposedly undo it – but this is part of an elaborate charade in my estimation. I do think there is a real struggle going on to some degree among competing capitalist factions, but the main point is that the system is in crisis and so capitalism does what it always has done when it feels threatened by restless proles – it begins to throw off all pretense of liberal democracy and resorts to fascism.

        You say TPTB are fomenting division and “race war.” Well, don’t let them get away with it. Let go of any feelings of white supremacy and join with your brothers and sisters of all races. Only together can we defeat these parasitic elites.

        Workers of the World Unite!!

      • Prolecenter –

        I pick on you so often that I feel a moral obligation to state my agreement on those occasions where we are in alignment.

        “Good post”

        We now return you to our regularly scheduled slappy fight. 😉

      • That reply was for prolecenter. Thought that was obvious.

        Social media has more weight than I ever expected. It’s how the people get out the real story in real time when the establishment is ignoring it. I thought you would see this.

        You have an extremely limited definition of Leftist.

        Corporatist. The forces you describe are the exact opposite of capitalist. This is very basic definitional stuff that makes it difficult to take you seriously.

        The EU has grown its power every chance it has gotten and done so far beyond its original parameters. Government always tends to expansion. This has been proved countless times and is one of the greatest insights of the Classical Liberals. We must be ever vigilant. And the people are best protected when they are among their own people in their own nation-states. Supranational organizations erode their identity, Liberty, and sovereignty.

        And as I’ve fruitlessly tried to explain to CH what a child can understand. ALL sides need to agree to be brothers. Half of American Muslims want to live under Sharia. They don’t want anything to do with you or me or Western values.

      • “ALL sides need to agree to be brothers. ”

        :: Kindergarten teacher voice ::

        Very good Jackie! :: clapping :: And since you’re so racially and morally superior to all those brown people, you should go first!

    • «I’d say if you assault, rob, and destroy the property of those peacefully attending political rallies, you’re no longer protesters–you’ve become the Sturmabteilung.» Indeed, with «Jack Heart» playing the role of SA-Oberführer Ernst Röhm. But perhaps s/he best be careful ; when Donald John cuts his deal with the establishment, die langen Messer won’t be far away….


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