But It’s Cold

Cold weather in the United States has become a talking point for right-wing global-warming deniers.

6 thoughts on “But It’s Cold

  1. The term ‘global warming’ is unfortunate, as it lends itself to such misinterpretation by people who just don’t want to do anything, because it’s expensive and means change.

    Anyone want to take bets that future right-wing nuts will complain when coastal cities are flooding that no one warned them?

  2. It’s not so much that people don’t want to have to “do anything.” The market for “green” is evidence to the contrary.

    It is much more the case that people do not want to give up their standard of living, which is made possible by the industries that cause climate change.

  3. Where are the fucktard trolls that should be here to explain to us that it’s all a con created by Al Gore?

    It seems you’ve cleaned up your site considerably, Ted. Maybe it’s as someone else suggested: the tard-trolls can’t get past the mathematical spam challenge…

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