Buck Up, Americans

At Israel’s request, the U.S. pledges to veto Palestine’s application for statehood at the United Nations.

6 thoughts on “Buck Up, Americans

  1. Their messaging was not so good, was it? I mean, c’mon, they dressed up in costumes, whooped it up with war chants, etc. What a bunch of clowns! 😉

  2. Great Comment Man. The United States looks more ridiculous every day – along with its reluctant President. Can’t Nobel Peace Prizes be withdrawn ? I wish.. We hope that Mister Obama does the right thing by history and that he withdraws, as did Lyndon B. Johnson. If any other Democrat were to ask for the Democratic presidential nomination, this might happen. Hoping for the Change…..,

  3. Now the really pointed question to ask is: what makes Kosovo or South Sudan and their people so much more special than Palestine and the Palestinians?

  4. bucephalus: The defining event of the 20th century was the Holocaust, and we must have an eye for an eye. The Nazis took 12 million Jewish eyes, so the Jews are entitled to 12 million eyes. The Nazis are (mostly) gone, but ‘an eye for an eye’ does NOT say ‘a guilty eye for a victim’s eye.’ The guilty are much too difficult to punish, so the Biblical edict clearly allows punishing the softest targets, even if those targets are innocent. So the Palestinians must pay for the Nazi crimes. It’s only fair and just.(And actually, it’s even more complicated than that, with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem allying with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews who had come to wail at the Wailing Wall, but most Palestinians today can’t even remember when they had a Grand Mufti. So it’s complicated.)

  5. Israel could probably defeat America in a war lol that’s what makes them special. Along the same vein what makes Libya more important than Syria? Oh right, oil. Dumb question.

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