Brain New World

Elon Musk’s neurotech is recruiting patients willing to undergo invasive brain surgery. They’ll get a brain implant that allows people with paralysis to communicate by moving cursors and typing with their minds. Strange times…

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  • Totally off topic, but Dianne Feinstein died last night. Expect insanity in Sacramento over this weekend.

  • I did a quick search on this topic, and discovered that other companies have been doing similar things for nearly 20 years–with some success, I guess, or they wouldn’t be allowed to continue–or am I being naive?

    Back in the 90’s, I spent a year taking care of an autistic guy with major brain damage who told me, through facilitated communication, that he did not have any control over his body. Facilitated communication has been officially discredited, but the guy told me enough things that were true that I had no way of knowing to convince me that I was communicating with a mind that was stuck inside a body “with a mind of its own,” as he put it. I wonder what this would do for him, if it actually works.

  • Have a cat

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