Boundless Optimism

Year after year, things get worse. Year after year, Americans are optimistic about the future.

5 thoughts on “Boundless Optimism

  1. Well, I am CONFIDENT that things are heading down the sh*tter – is that the same thing? Is that what you mean? Cuz if it is, then I’m really optimistic.

  2. 1. What is she reading? I assume it’s the foreclosure notice. Or maybe an overdue notice from the library?

    2. Let’s all keep in mind, there is a minimum. That is, there is a point after which, should the system drop below it, revolt will become unavoidable. That’s the thing I find terrifying because that boundary’s a lot closer than it used to be. It’s like the safety tips on fires. Yes, there’s a point at which you can extinguish a fire, but once the fire goes past that point, you have two options: flee the house and call the fire department, or burn to death inside your house as you continue to try to fight a fire that is beyond control.

    Those of us in the metro regions will be in for one hell of a surprise. What’s that? You’ve got a generator and months of freeze-dried meals? Thank heavens the mobs of starving looters will respect your property rights. What’s that? You’ve also got a gun? So do they.

  3. Not to worry, Ted – things are bound to get better ! Hasn’t Mr Obama decided that the focus of the US military will change from making war in Central and South Asia (aside from a possible no-options-are-off-the-table attack on Iran) to directly confronting the Chinese in East Asia ? Now that’s what I call progress !…


  4. This uptick in confidence is just what I would expect in a nation of ignorant and delusional fools. About 1/4 of us are just plain bat-shit crazy and will be the core of fascist support when we finally get our own strongman to lead us, and most of the rest are little more than dumb-ass slugs. They will end up getting exactly what they deserve. Too bad the functioning human beings that make up a very small minority in this country will suffer as well.

  5. Told you Ted, all it takes is one little ounce of help and suddenly Americans are ready to pretend big changes occurred, you watch by the time the election gets here occupy will be done and over, because a little optimism even based on complete BS is all it takes to shut people up. Especially college kids.

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