Blessed Be the Warmongers

The Biden had what they thought would be a clever solution to their fear that the president would lose the New Hampshire primary. They decertified NH and made South Carolina first. Then Dean Phillips challenged Biden in NH. Faced with the prospect that Biden will lose the first primary (even if it’s unofficial), Biden has launched a write-in campaign for the race from which he asked to be removed from the ballot.

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  • The caption seems to have gotten mixed up.

    Also “The Biden [campaign?]” had…”

    It is an interesting technical question whether the lemmings who suggest running in any direction other than towards the cliff are properly called “extremists” or “radicals”. Arguably the “Weaselist” smear has proven most effective. Something to ponder while being trampled.

  • alex_the_tired
    November 20, 2023 4:54 AM

    So the Biden reelection committee is led by the Three Stooges? Why would they NOT go to New Hampshire? Oh, right, because Biden got a shellacking there last time. And in 2020 when what’s his name delivered the black vote in South Carolina in order to help make Biden’s lie about being a friend to black people seem plausible to the people who weren’t paying attention, there had to be a quid pro quo.

    So Biden loses NH and SC? It’s an interesting strategy. I guess the third state will be where they have the pie fight?

  • Ted, this is a great cartoon, and a great caption, only, it seems to me, it’s for a different cartoon. I would love to share both of them, but am not going to share what appears to be a scramble. Thanks for thinking these things up!

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