6 thoughts on “Bipartisanship Lives

  1. We’ve talked about passing a law requiring truth in campaign speeches, etc. how about a law requiring truth in naming Acts of Congresscritters?

    The “Freedom Act” would be the “Whitewash Act” and the “Patriot Act” would be the “To Hell with the Constitution Act”

    “Clear Skies” -> “Clear Lies”
    “Healthy Forests” -> “Wealthy Foresters”
    “Iraqi Freedom” -> “Give me a fucking break already”

  2. Bipartisanship….
    What law makes it mandatory to have only TWO parties?
    I thought, when the Tea Party arrived on the scene, there would be a choice among four, including the Independent Party. Having read some of their programs, I considered the party as an alternative to the prevailing insanity.. Instead, the Tea Party turned out to be another wing of the Republican Party.
    Why can’t the Green Party get off the ground?

    • I’ve been laughing my head off watching the Kool Aid Party.

      Rove, Limpbone, and Pavlov spent so much time & money conditioning the GOP dogs to salivate at the sound of their rhetoric. They never considered that the bitches might turn around and bite them.

      Now it’s time to deliver – and they can’t (…duh?) You can’t seriously expect a politician to destroy his own livelihood. Nor are they going to be able to make a significant cut in taxes for the 99% – especially when they already cut taxes for the corporations and the 1%.

      So now we’ve got the conservatives split in two: the crazies on one side; and the even-more-crazies on the other. The rest of us can only benefit.

  3. Meanwhile …

    All you Obamacare koolaide-types think that so many of us pasty libertarian groupies “hate” BarryHO ONLY because he’s a “Nigger …”. The fact that our Hawaiian-born, covert, corporate-Madrassa president is more Bush than Dubya on global assassinations seems to get such an expansive pass from the more “progressive” side of the isle because — well — Obama ain’t a rich “White” guy.

    No, he’s just a very rich half-White guy. He’s also a fucking war-criminal no less than his three, marginally more Euro-centric predecessors. Ah, but for a REAL MLK progressive type.


    • Gotta love the ALL CAPS on “ONLY”

      Other than that, I hate him for the same reasons you listed. It does bug the bejeebers out of me the way so many “progressives” have bought into the War on Terra. It shows just how successful BushCo’s marketing campaign was. It’s no surprise that he scared the righties into giving up their civil rights – they don’t appreciate them anyway. But I must admit that I’m shocked, shocked, that he managed to do the same to the left.

  4. Isn’t «bipartisanship» just what the country has been waiting for, like «bifurcating», «bivalve» «bilabial», «bilateral» – and not least, «bicycle» ? Get on board, Ted !…


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