Billions for Terrorists, No Tribute to Americans

There’s always a sense that the government is broke when it comes time to help ordinary Americans in distress. But when it comes to militarism, even when it comes to paying out enemies, there’s an endless supply of cash.

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  • alex_the_tired
    February 11, 2021 4:52 PM

    I notice that in addition to always having money for murderers and rapists, Our Gummint — and its employees — also knows how to fake being upset. Did you watch the testimony about the terrorists breaking into the Capitol? There was a remarkable imitation of actual emotion from some of the politicians testifying. When it’s leaving D.C. for a six-week break while millions get shafted because the key piece of legislation was at an “impasse”? Nothing but dry eyes, as far as you can see. What’s that? Wait until March for the pittance of a stimulus check? Hey, buddy, time’s are tough for everyone.
    But when some low-grade bulbs start smashing up where the Senators work? It’s. The. Greatest. Atrocity. Ever. And our pols are turning in, truly, Oscar-caliber performances at acting like they care about government, democracy, etc.
    Perhaps that’s what’s meant by crisis actor?
    What really irks them is that the peasants actually got close to the banquet table and almost made off with some silverware and that they, the senators and representatives who are in one of the (until the uprising) most disliked groups in the country, almost got hurt.
    All the rest? I don’t believe a word of their outrage about anything other than their own sense of entitlement.

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