Bill Clinton: I Did Not Have Sex With Those Underaged Foreign Woman

Bill Clinton seems highly vulnerable to charges that he may have shared accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’€™s predeliction for underaged prostitutes and sex tourism as records of the pair’€™s travels to the Far East emerge.

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  • alex_the_tired
    August 9, 2019 8:46 AM

    Now I understand why Hillary Clinton the war criminal stays with Bill. He’s her equal.

    • No, she stood by him because a deal was made in 1998 where the DNC agreed to do whatever it took, to make sure she became President in exchange for her not divorcing Bill.

  • It appears that Bill Clinton carried on the grand tradition of the Constitution’s authors in their misogynist holding of women as chattel.

    The authors of the Constitution said “We the People” (in the first person) not designating what rights the vast majority of “You, the other People” (in the second person) would be entitled to under the misogynist racist genocidal rule of the White Power Patriarchy.

    Just like his good bud, Donny.

  • I’m not exactly a fan of Bill Clinton – but neither do I have the raw, slavering, hatred expressed by some. I kinda like what Michael Moore said “He’s the best Republican president we’ve every had”

    *IF* he did, indeed, indulge in what Epstein was offering – then I will most assuredly hate him. But I don’t believe in guilt-by-association. I’ll note that there appears to be no evidence that he did (there are more of-age prostitutes in those countries than there are under-age) and that the names which have been named to date do not include his.

    Judgement reserved for the nonce.

    • Breaking: Epstein committed suicide! Justice is served, although far later than it should have been.

      Burn in Hell, Jeffery.

      • Another murder by Clinton! Or maybe by Trump.

        You know realpolitik is a hard murderous game that both liberals and conservatives turn a blind eye to when members of their own tribe partake.

        The witness(es) to Clinton’s (Trump’s) crimes against young nubile wenches had to be silenced by their murder.

        Just kidding! But I’m sure this will resonate around the web.

        This is a crime that both Democrats and Republicans would have reason to say never happened.

      • Let us not forget that Hillary ran a child prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor, so Bill is absolutely, positively, undeniably guilty.

        (and character assassination is a far more important topic than the all the young girls whose lives Epstein ruined – after all, they’re mere serfs. They don’t really count in the grand scheme of things.)

      • Clinton’s character need not be assassinated because he performed so many character suicide attempts on himself when he shilled for the anti-worker Republican wet dream, NAFTA.

        But Liberals always revived the Come Back Kid.

        Which is one of my gripes about Liberals.

        There is a longer list of Clinton character suicide attempts that I sure you know of as well as I do.

        So I won’t bore you with them.

  • Be kind, Ted. Mr Clinton is no doubt in deepest mourning for the loss of his good friend Mr Epstein. Don’t make the situation harder than it is for him….


    • Hi Henri,

      May I assume that here you use the term “good friend” to mean “premier procurer of underage, nubile, foreign hookers the access to whom I will not have to compete since my Secret Service detail is comprised solely of my personal selection of gay males”?

      • I must confess, falco, that foreigner as I am, I have hitherto been unaware of the sexual proclivities of Mr Clinton’s Secret Service detail…. 😉


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