Big Loss/Win for the President

Rather than news or politics, political cable news and network news cover the horse race: why this event is good for a politician and why that one isn’t. Ignored by the horserace are the real-world implications of the news, including how tragedies and triumphs affect actual real (but ordinary) citizens.

3 thoughts on “Big Loss/Win for the President

  1. Even blacks cheer for the increase in Obama’s numbers when he is cheered on by the largely white press for his disregard for the continuing impoverishment of the lower income classes, of which blacks constitute a large proportion.

    Somehow Obamabots see their conspicuous neglect and involuntary sacrifices–these for the illusory victory of their leader–as a price worth paying.

    This is beyond the reach of reason.

  2. Since when is a civil war in a country like Iraq, which the US has done its more than adequate best to destroy as a regional power, a «loss for the president» ? He gets to send a few hundred more troops – in addition to the thousands which remain there, but for some odd reason are ignored by the North American and European corporate media – and save the day. And should they prove inadequate to the task (whatever the task is), why it’s all Mr al-Maliki’s fault anyway (in which case the most beloved tactic of all – «regime change» will be employed. Not to worry, Mr Obama – just keep up the good work until 20 January 2017, when you can turn the whole shebang over to dear Ms Clinton, who will no doubt start pressing all those lovely red buttons !…


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