Big Chill

Now that the LA Times has fired me as a favor to the LAPD, who at the LA Times will ever dare to challenge the police department? Who will ever ask them to do so?

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  1. “There you go man, keep as cool as you can
    Face piles and piles of trials with smiles
    It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
    And keep on thinking free”— Graeme Edge, Moody Blues

  2. I suspect Ted is beginning (or is well through the middle of) figuring out exactly where the fracture points are on this. I see quite a few. And goodness me oh my, this looks bad for the Other Side.

  3. How much do you want to bet that most LA Times readers don’t even know you were ever there, much less not there anymore?

    You really have this self-image of a heroic underground radical. It’s as though you see yourself as a dangerous Weather Underground operative, circa – 1971, cranking out a mimeographed newsletter “sticking to the man, man” from a dumpy Greenwich Village basement apartment. And, as such, believing that you’re the vanguard of the revolution rather than a privileged upper-middle class dingbat playacting a revolutionary rather than taking any real risks.

    It’s entertaining to watch, sure, but sometimes (like now) the act gets a little too over the top.

    • FB,

      Right now, on the Times site, is an article with FIVE bylines about how New Yorkers wait in lines a lot. Near it, is a story about a $34 million condo that was this week’s big real estate deal. Earlier today, there was an item on their feed about where Justin Bieber’s newest haircut came from.

      Find me a story on the New York Times site that details the events surrounding the arrest of 700 people during the RNC. To refresh your memory, those people were charged with resisting arrest, fighting the police, etc. That’s what the sworn statements by the NYPD said. And the police had the video to back it up. Then the defense attorneys came in with the tapes the police hadn’t been able to get their hands on. 90% of the cases were dropped right then and there.

      You find me ONE story the New York Times wrote about what it means when the police drop 90% of their cases due to evidence being tampered with. That’s widescale perjury, and the Times wrote not a single word about what it means. Find me an editorial by the Times calling for a federal investigation.

      Ted might be small potatoes, but not small enough that the government didn’t wiretap him. Not small enough that the LAPD (or someone in their circle) didn’t go out of their way to get him fired on trumped-up bullshit. So fine, he’s small potatoes, but I don’t see any big potatoes out there, so he’ll have to do.

      But since you know what’s what, you provide us with a list of reporters in the U.S. who are pissing off those in charge. Go on. Maureen Dowd? David Muir?

      • @ Glenn –

        That is probably the funniest post I’ve seen in months! “Flaming Ball Sack” is rich! Were I prone to responding to TROLLs, I could not have done better! Thanks for that!

    • «How much do you want to bet that most LA Times readers don’t even know you [i e, Ted] were ever there, much less not there anymore?» How fortunate, then, «Fleming Balzac», that you, in contrast to those LA Times readers, seem to be aware of both those facts ! But on the other hand, perhaps you don’t read the LA Times, but get your news via Ted’s cartoons ? The question then becomes, why ever an upstanding person – as you no doubt are -would choose to be informed by a «privileged upper-middle class dingbat playacting a revolutionary» ? I leave this issue to my colleagues who’ve not yet reached the age of retirement – were Oliver Wolf Sachs still with us, perhaps he could have been motivated to write about your case….


  4. What you describe is libel (and/or slander) by a conspiracy between the LAT and the LAPD. And I believe you entirely. So it boggles the mind that you have yet to file a humungous damage suit against them, since it should be easy to find a great lawyer who would take the case pro bono, for a contingency fee, or even for a crowd-funded payment. So hurry up and file, before people start wondering about “discovery” problems!

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