So. Proud.

What does it say about America that our two major presidential nominees have to, respectively, avoid acting like a total nut or merely need to convince us that he’s fairly alive?

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  • alex_the_tired
    June 26, 2024 6:41 AM

    When you run the list from both sides, back to Reagan, there’s three types: the cerebrals (policy wonks like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama), the charismatics (people like Dubya or Bill Clinton that you’d have a beer with and feel relaxed around — people who mastered the trick of how to sweet talk their base into buying matches in hell — and “the rest.”

    Charm, Brains, “Pleasure to Have in Class.” (Does Trump have brains? Yes. Does he have charm? For his base? Yes. Biden? Well, he’s a pleasure to have in class, I’m sure. He has the occasional moment of charm and smarts, but, mostly, he doesn’t really draw attention, does he? Unless it’s by walking off the stage at the wrong time.)

    Surprise. PtHiC never gets elected Homecoming King. It’s always Charm or Brains. If those two are under the bleachers screwing each other, PtHiC might have a ghost of a chance. I haven’t seen it in my lifetime, but it’s possible.

    The people tuning in to watch the debate aren’t tuning in for Biden. Except either out of fear he’ll completely screw up the evening or out of hope that he’ll completely screw up the evening. No one, on either side, cares what Biden will actually say, they just want to see whether he speaks in complete sentences or whether he pancake flapdoodles the Jefferson banana cake over in Montana.

    So having a nut job and a dotard on the stage? Just another Thursday in politics.

  • .Yawn..and of course, no Bobby and no Jill. Uh-uh. No way. The American Uniparty is as exclusive as its Soviet counterpart was, and as blind to its own failings and imminent failure.

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