It’s Not Even MY Business

Biden and his Democratic allies attacked Special Counsel Robert Hur, who said he decided not to prosecute the president over mishandling classified documents because he was senile, for saying that Biden couldn’t remember which year his son Beau died. Biden said he refused to answer because it wasn’t “their damn business.” Now it turns out that it was Biden, not Hur, who brought it up.

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  • alex_the_tired
    March 29, 2024 11:15 AM

    Yep. The dems got Obama and Clinton (just Bill — smart move, that) to put on the motley to push the dead horse that is “Biden 4 Prez.” I can’t even begin to imagine what they offered them to do it. But the optics are terrible. Rich democratic donors hand money to the Biden team while Thing 1 and Thing 2 walk Biden back and forth across the stage.

    Meanwhile, what’s Trump doing? Showing up at the house of a dead cop to offer his condolences. But Biden phoned Eric Adams and asked him to send his sympathies. What bereaved widow doesn’t long to hear those special words: “Sorry, I was busy. So sorry on the loss of your husband fill in name.” Now, if Hillary had won, she’d have done it right: sent a letter. Postage due.

    Is anyone else planning a special meal to watch the election results in November? I was thinking that goose was a little too obvious. Maybe sushi? Or should I go with finger foods?

  • Yep, Alex, you’ve fingered the forces animating the undead Mr. Biden. Unless the abortion/birth control vote carries the day for them, the Dems will be eating crow, though their spinnmeisters will tell the world it’s something far more gourmet.

    The phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold” seems like it might be relevant here, too.

    • alex_the_tired
      March 30, 2024 8:44 PM

      The day after Roe v. Wade? All I heard was crickets. A couple of people wrote some angry posts to Twitter (I mean X), and that was it. I didn’t see any rioting, no looting, no massive destruction. Nothing. All the people who “matter” (i.e., the ones with access to checkbooks that aren’t made of rubber) have already bought the necessary pills and tucked them away, safe and sound.

      Guns and abortion are the two go-to boogeymen that the dems have used for decades. Everyone’s exhausted with both of them. The only other thing the dems had going for them (health care) they half-loafed a few elections back with ObamaCare. I suspect the people on the Titanic, watching the last lifeboat being lowered, felt the same.

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