Better Never Than Never

Obama finally admits that he should have closed Guantanamo concentration camp on his first day in office, rather than waste time. Unfortunately, his mistake has added years of torture to the innocent detainees there.

8 thoughts on “Better Never Than Never

    • I’ve heard many a historian suggest that wars never actually accomplish anything.

      American Revolution? England was having problems holding their empire together, they’d been in a number of wars and maintaining the colonies was getting expensive. Ninety years later, England and Canada had an amicable dissolution.

      Civil War? Nup, the industrial revolution was going strong & slavery was on its way out anyway. The war didn’t change the overall economy, the South stayed mainly agrarian while the North continued industrialization.

      Which brings us up to WWII. Big ol’ war and all it accomplished was to make the neo fascists speak English instead of German. Future historians will look back at it not as a dividing line, but rather as a another point along the road from industrial revolution to whatever they decide to call our era.

      • Japan? Best buddies now.
        Germany? Best buddies now.
        Vietnam? Best buddies now.

        One – two – three – four!
        What the hell are we fighting for?

      • Indeed. I’ve long argued the North should’ve just let the South go. Slavery didn’t have long.

      • @Jack – it might well have worked better in the long run.

        James Madison proposed that eradication of slavery should happen gradually, with agreement and cooperation from both sides.

        The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves; obviously a good thing. But it also dumped a large population of poor, unemployed black people on a region already reeling from the war. It lead directly to the poverty and resentments we still see today.

        I believe we’d all be better off today if Lincoln had instead implemented Madison’s plan, or even let the South go their own way.

  1. LOL. Back on this hobby horse, and still without presenting something that Obama could’ve done that would not/could not have blocked by Republicans. You are nothing if not dependable.

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