Better a Pedophile Than a Democrat

If you doubt that team politics are the order of the day, check out the Alabama Senate race where Roy Moore, who stands accused of child molestation and attempted rape, stans a better than even chance of winning a special election the simple fact that Alabama is a Republican state and that voters there simply won’t support a Democrat no matter what.

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  • I’m no fan of democrats – but how the flock can anyone take republicans seriously? They wanted to impeach (the other) Clinton for a BJ from a consenting – nay, enthusiastic – adult.

    Then they elected a self-confessed serial sexual abuser, and are now defending a hebephile.

    Technically Rockin’ Roy is not a pedophile – who are interested in prepubescents – but he’s still a scumbag. For that matter, he’d be a scumbag even without his disgusting perversion.

    • Cue Dueling Banjo music.

      Republicans are pro-perversity and pro-pussy-grabbing, and they don’t care who knows it.

      Republican Women are not opposed having a pussy grabbing president and will vote for pussy grabbing Republicans, whereas Democrats will recoil from candidates demonstrating bad behavior (as they see it).

      Much of Republican sanctimonious behavior exists only to shame Democrats away from voting for their own scumbags, and it works.

      Al Gore kept a distance from Bill Clinton because he was a tainted candidate. And they picked a scold like Lieberman to demonstrate the party’s remorse for association with the likes of Bill Clinton, and Gore lost. (Also, Republicans cheer for their own voting fraud while denouncing it elsewhere, even where it doesn’t exist.)

      In a strange way Republicans are more tolerant and will accept double standards, such as being pro-perversity for themselves and anti-perversity for others, if it works to their advantage.

      Democrats are just too easily played.

      • > Democrats are just too easily played.


        > Republican Women are not opposed having a pussy grabbing president

        Can I get a list of Republican women who are not opposed to having their pussy grabbed? Purely for academic purposes … of course. Also T & A grabbing; so that my purely academic database will be complete.

        Pics requested, no fatties please.

    • @ CrazyH –
      “Then they elected a self-confessed serial sexual abuser, and are now defending a hebephile.”
      But the Bible says that’s okay — sort of.

      • ay-yup.

        I’m not going to look up the specific verses, but teh holey babble is quite clear on the matter. Over & over again the God of Love [TM] commands His People to destroy the heathen’s city and take any surviving virgins as “wives.”

        uh-huh. “wives.” You’re a thirteen-year-old girl, the barbarians just burned your town, gang-raped your mother, murdered your family, stole anything worth stealing and now one of them decides you are his new wife. Makes you wonder whether Biblical Hebrew had a word for ‘consent.’

        But wait – it’s not all bad. Tradition held that the happy husband give his new wife an entire month to grieve for her father. Only then could the marriage be consummated. (see “consent” above)

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