Best System Ever

After President Trump defended white nationalists who rioted in Charlottesville, Americans marveled at the lack of accountability. The White House staff was unable to muzzle an out-of-control president. Republican legislators refused to distance themselves, much less criticize him. The media seemed to be spinning uselessly, and showed no signs of a willingness to follow up. As for us, what are we supposed to do, attend another useless rally?

6 thoughts on “Best System Ever

  1. Obama wouldn’t speak out against the neo-Nazis in post-US-coup Kiev.

    Trump won’t speak out against domestic Nazis(“Homeland” is such a Nazi construct. How about tearing that down with the statues?).

    Dumb and Dumber, or Right and Righter?

  2. I recall him calling out everyone involved over and over again, I was there, that is what he did.

    This comic seems to be written by someone who heard all of this information via rumors.

    • I see. So Mr Trump was either referencing Mercutio or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Since you were there, «Tevo77777» perhaps you can tell us which it was ?…


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