Bend Over

Democrats are telling voters that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the republic and must be defeated at any cost. So why isn’t she willing to court the voters who could help her defeat him?

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  • Because they’ve made it VERY clear that there’s nothing reasonable, rational, relevant or realistic that she could do to get their vote. So they get written off as lost votes from the get go (nobodys fault but their own), and Hillary moves on to votes she probably CAN get.

  • Heads I win, tails you lose.

    Never in my lifetime has an election been less important.

    The Hillary Democrats are the illness and the Trump Republicans are the symptoms. Suppress the symptoms and the illness will still eat out your life.

    There is no left-right pendulum that swings passively back and forth between left and right; that is a myth. The back and forth is by the active pull of a tug of war.

    Will existentially fearful voters be tugged away from principled candidates who will work to make desperately needed changes for the 99%, or will the duopoly parties be tugged away from their support of the 1%’s interests by fear of losing an election for ignoring the votes of the distressed?

    The duopoly parties will not spend money on campaigns in states that are not swing states and neither should you “spend” your votes on parties that the duopoly has given up campaigning on.

    Remember that in states that are solidly in the corner of either Democrats or Republicans—in other words, states that are not swing states—a vote for the R’s or D’s there is a WASTED VOTE that will have NO impact on the number of electoral college votes any candidate will receive, and will NOT decide a president.

    So vote for the parties that will not be in the televised debates, because with a 5% vote total you can “elect” these third parties into national parties with a presence on all state ballots, and with a 15% vote total in pre-debate polling they can be “elected” to the debates, and so you can actually have your vote count for something instead of nothing.

  • “As usual” is actually what I’ve been fighting on Facebook and Twitter, begging folks not to buy into the “either-or” dichotomy (lesser of two evils). Vote 3rd-party (in my case, Dr. Jill Stein)! 🙂

  • «Why can’t you just bend over as usual ?»

    Sometimes I wonder at the, to my mind, astonishing prevalence of sexual metaphors to describe power struggles/relations in US parlance. Does it reflect, not be crude about it, something fundamentally fucked up over there ?…


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