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Former vice president Dick Cheney, 71, receives a heart transplant. Surely the donor had no idea his death would help prolong the wretched life of a man who is pure evil.

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  • There are no words for how much I love this cartoon.

  • Dick Cheney….
    the reincarnation of Nick Chopper.

  • great cartoon, Rall…..Dick Cheney is a classic James Bond villian….complete with underground lair….the guy has a F*CKING UNDERGROUND LAIR!!!

  • Thank you, Spanky.

  • I know, Aggie. It’s ridiculous how over-the-top he is.

  • piranhaintheguppytank
    April 5, 2012 5:44 PM

    Ted Rall: Former vice president Dick Cheney, 71, receives a heart transplant.

    Dick Cheney must’ve shot another lobbyist in the face.

    But this time, an apology just wasn’t good enough.

    (The lobbyist blocked Cheney’s shot — the least he could do is donate his heart.)

  • Again, the hidden headline should be: Why hasn’t the Obama administration prosecuted this war criminal? Expect the usual bloviating excuses from Obamabots.

  • Wouldn’t it be ironic if somehow the replacement heart he gets were obtained (unwittingly, of course…wink-wink, nudge-nudge) through the black market from some third world Middle Eastern country he’s worked so tirelessly to liberate?

    And wouldn’t it be divine if said heart –due to the constant stress from ten years of fear of intrusive night raids and trigger-happy, sadistic GIs–were to fail him miserably once the surgery was done?

    Then again, this is Dick Cheney we’re talking about. People with his wealth, connections, and evil-some-ness can probably walk into a clinic, open up a menu, and say “Who won the Boston Marathon last year? Yes, I think I’ll have his. That’ll do nicely, along with a glass of Perrier, and some of the finest Cuban cigars to smoke once the surgery is over.”

  • YungTurk, isn’t that kind of thing a given?

  • Nice….


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